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Is there an emblem in the floor of the John Wanamaker building in Philadelphia?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) December 21st, 2012

The plaque is in the floor of the Filbert street entrance and I vaguely remember it as a child.

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Ar you sure it was a plaque and not the eagle? The store was famous for its eagle. People would meet there. I don’t know of a plaque and see no reference to one in my research.

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Yes I’m sure it’s not the eagle. It was an emblem in the floor with a variety of influential signatures.

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Oh, gosh. I have photos I’ve taken of the eagle. I vaguely recall something in the floor, because I used it as a guide to center my photo of the organ pipes…

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Do you mean the PA coat of arms?

Or the William Taft dedication of the Wanamaker building? (Another picture of the Taft Plaque)

Or the mosaics with wanamaker’s signature?

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@wundayatta Thank you so much, but I’m still missing a plaque similar to the one you sent me with a bunch of signatures> I distinctly remember John Wanamaker’s signatures along with a couple others. Can you help me?

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