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Is there a good solution to backup an Ipad, besides itunes or icloud?

Asked by enelson (13points) December 21st, 2012

Over the last few months I have come to the sad conclusion that Apple’s solutions for backing up data are at best unreliable.

My boss uses his Ipad, unfortunately, as a storage device. Despite my best efforts, he hasn’t quite realized that the Ipad was never designed for that kind of function.

I have an evernote account linked with Quickoffice, which has been really helpful for moving all of his old stuff to a secure storage site where he can easily access and edit it.

However, he is always creating new documents and notes and I am wondering if there is a program or some other way that will constantly save and store anything he does in a secure way.

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I would look into Dropbox

I haven’t used it for creating items on the iPad, though, you will need to evaluate that.

We use it so that items saved on our desktops are always available on the iPad.

Here’s a review:
PC Magazine

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yea, I’ve looked into dropbox before. I am looking for something that would be backing up everything that he did on his ipad all of the time. Similar to what Carbonite does for desktop computers.

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CopyTrans. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. I’ve had the paid version for several years, for several iPods, and they’re very good about updating the program, too. I recommend it.

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