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What is the worst diaper changing experience you have ever had?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) June 8th, 2008 from iPhone

did you find it was caused by a specific food?

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Been changing diapers for almost five years now. Oh, where do I begin….

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The memories do linger on, I must say.

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wow was at olive garden with my 2 kids one 8 and one almost 2, all of a sudden heard a fart from my 2 year old and smelt the most rank smell ever, took her to the bathrm to discover she had diarrhea all the way up to her hair and down her feet this is no exaggeration and do u know what made it worse this was the one time I didn’t pack a change of clothes.

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no more diapers in bag for little cousin in a toys r us…. had to use my jacket to cover its butt…good times.

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I’m not sure there are ever any good diaper changing experiences, but the worst is probably when you go to change them and they are not done so as soon as you lift the legs more comes out…......yuk, yuk yuk

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All of them. I was born with a hair-trigger gag reflex and despite bringing two children through diapers, with over a year as at-home-dad, I had to fight back the gag every time I changed a poopy diaper.

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I think the worst is when they learn how to “play” with the contents, and you walk into the room to find that there is poop everywhere!

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omg scamp i had to deal with that a few months ago. it is a very gross experience

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Two kids, you would think I would have learned!

My daughter, (older) on an airplane, the worst smell and poo, ever. It leaked out and was all over her and me. You just know the other passengers were loving me! It wasn’t easy getting her cleaned up, but a flight attendant did help. Once we were finished, my daughter was clean, happy and in a new outfit. Me…wet, stinky and looked like I had the accident.

My son, it was a combination of poor diapering…hubby and bad timing. We were at my Grandmother’s house and my husband used the last diaper – both of us forgot to put them in the diaper bag! First, the noise, then the smell…we both groan (I gagged!). I picked him up, then he wet, all down the front of me, let’s just say his parts weren’t all the way in! (why is it always me getting poo’d and peed on!) We got him cleaned up and he went home in a hand towel, as a diaper…along with a lecture about making sure we’re always prepared.

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OMG, this one time at Band Camp…

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Oldest daughter was about 9 months. We were on a packed plane, taking her to Montreal, to see my family. Taking off from the Atlanta airport. We pulled away from the gate so I gave her a bottle to mitigate the air pressure change on take-off. We got out to the tarmac, and waited. And waited and waited. She screamed and screamed. Squirmed, kicked the seat in front of her. The flight attendant wouldn’t let me up to walk with her. I gave her a second bottle to distract her. And that’s when she let loose. After two bottle and all the stress, it went everywhere. I thought they were going to put us off the plane.

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@cheebdragon My daughter only did that once, but once is more than enough thank you very much!! I think that may have been when I decided she would be an only child.. ha ha!!

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I’ve never minded changing my own daughter, no matter what. But once I had to also take care of a little boy (her best friend) and he had diarrhoea. The problem was not this though, it was that he had these slip-type nappies that I’d never seen before and I didn’t know how to get it off (you’re simply supposed to tear it, but I am stupid, ok?). And he was just standing there and everything was overflowing all over the floor…

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Off topic a bit – I think the funniest was when my daughter was in hospital having tests a very nic youngish doctor asked me to take her nappy off so he could examine her properly, as he was mid exam she decided to do a poo – it projected out of her bottom RELLY fast went all over the bed and all over his tie!!!


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Stepping out of my car and having to peal it off my shoe.

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