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Why are you here on Christmas day?

Asked by bossob (5924points) December 25th, 2012

Have you no life?! Just kidding! To accommodate the work schedules of various family members, we’re celebrating on Saturday. But I’m not working, so here I am. How about you?

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I’m not Christmas day is over.

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I am on break at work. I clean at a hospital and they don’t close down for Christmas. I don’t do anything for Christmas anyway but I may go and visit my mom later. She is in a nursing home with severe Alzheimer’s.

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I did the neighborhood scene last night and am celebrating here tomorrow which is also my birthday. :-D
I am single and my daughter and her boyfriend have 3 other family Christmases to attend between his grandparents, my daughters grandparents on her dads side and her boyfriends parents.
We have decided to celebrate on the 26th along with my birthday the last few years.
Sometimes we alternate Christmas eves, but I am happy to have both Christmas and my birthday together on the 26th

Hey, I get to in-joy looking at all the gifts for another day.
. I am thrilled to be out of the insane loop of juggling various family get togethers and buying for 18 people.
Simplicity is where it’s at for me these days! :-)
I will be making a yummy dinner for myself later and looking forward to all the cooking and fun tomorrow. :-)

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@Coloma Aw well enjoy your Xmas and your birthday

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@Shippy I am! It is going to be cold and storry today and I am all cozy in my bright little living room and the hot tub is fired up for a float later today in the rain. It’s all good. Hope your day is peaceful too!

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I guess because there’s nothing else to do.
My other family members are either sleeping or sick so I just wanna leave them alone.

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Just taking a little break.

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I’ve been up partying all night, dude.
I just wanna chill man.

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@Coloma Sounds divine. Mines over now, thank goodness done and dusted.

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How can you call it the “Most wonderful time of the year” without fluther?

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We celebrate Festivus, so I’m resting for the upcoming Feats of Strength. I have vowed to not let my wife defeat me again! ;-p

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My husband has to work from home for part of the day checking for new stories to edit so I am fooling around on here while he is otherwise engaged. We just back from a video run to the store for a movie for later and a walk in a nearby park (a bit blustery, but nice).

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Everyone is still sleeping. 9 AM here. :)

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I want pancakes. lol

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This isn’t me. This someone else.

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Taking a break from preparing for a trip, getting ready for the in Celestún, Yucatan. Sailing for Camaguey tomorrow for New Year’s.

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I’m almost always on Fluther on Tuesdays. Isn’t today Tuesday? Well, there you go.

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Did you sail to Celestún?

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12 AM over here! Christmas day is over.

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We’re all over-fed and everyone else in the family is watching something rubbish on TV.

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I’m working away at my desk, and fluther occasionally when I need distraction (or when I am already distracted!).

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The Dark Lord Satan can only be summoned here.

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Grand kids across the room playing with new iPods. Have to be cool too on my iPad.

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I was here on Christmas Day. Everyone was falling asleep and/or playing with their presents. Time out time for me.

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It’s 23.20 here so Christmas is nearly over, I am just checking in before I hit the sack!

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I’m at work now goofing off.

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Heh, I work here. ;)
Just checking in to see how my jellies are doing.

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We did x-mas eve. Today is for recuperating.

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Christmas night is for resting, napping and cleaning up. I have the first load of dishes running now, and the table is mostly cleaned off. We had a wonderful meal, even though I forgot to make the corn bread, and no one brought dinner rolls.

The green jello cubes in the orange fruit salad melted, making a funny looking salad. Half of the homemade cookies cooked too long but we got a box of cookies in the mail yesterday, so there were enough to go around.

My number three grandson and his partner came to dinner. They have relocated to Tracy, CA which is about an hour and a half from here, so maybe I will be seeing him more often.

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Baarrrr humbug

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01/06/2013: Yes. Started on the west coast of Florida in Tarpon Springs, soloed north to Cedar Key during Thanksgiving, south again to St. Petersburg to replace some bright-work, then south to Key West with stops in Sanibel Island and Chokoloskee to see friends and tweak the rigging. Acquired an absolutely lovely passenger/aspiring first mate at KW and delivered her to a little yoga clinic in Celestún around sunset the Friday those kids were murdered in Newtown, CT. Was on top of Uxmal temple the night the world was supposed to end. Went to a beautiful Christmas eve midnight mass for the first time in years at the old cathedral in Merida.

The day after Christmas I set out for Santa Cruz del Sur, Cuba, took a car to friends in Camaguey and spent New Years there. I picked up a very interesting passenger in Camaguey, Michael Anthony Jackson, (Jesuit wanderer, orphan citizen of Boys Town at 3 yrs old, graduate of Loyola & Gregorian Universites, Viet Nam war medic, now a researcher/lecturer on liberation theology at Georgetown U’s Woodstock Center, but on vacation at the moment—one of the most interesting people I’ve met in years—and he can sail).

Really strange. This trip started with a Buddhist lady expat out of KW who took me straight to the Yucatan interior in her Jeep so we could lay at the top of a Mayan temple under the stars, then she dragged my sorry, unrepentant ass to Midnight Mass a few days later, and now I have a seriously radical priest on board. I tell you, for a basically mundane guy who doesn’t really spend a lot of time reflecting on such things, this is a very interesting trip. And no drunks. So nice.

We arrived in Negril, Jamaica around 0300 today all beat to shit. My intention is to make for Villa Rosa near Bahia de Jobos, Puerto Rico next. Maybe go up into the redbud mountains for a while. Afterwards I have to drop Mike on what’s left of Montserat and then I go on to Portsmouth, Dominica. Just hang there for awhile with some medical people and a small Peace Corp group. It is a really beautiful, mountainous island with very nice people on it. I wish I could figure out how to make a living there.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Sounds fantastic!!!

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I tell you, for a basically mundane guy who doesn’t really spend a lot of time reflecting on such things, this is a very interesting trip.

Mundane? Your post has the quality of Jack Kerouac writing On The Ocean. ;-o

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I lost Buddy, my cat and companion for the past ten years, at Chokoloskee. He headed into the Glades and never came back out. I really miss him.

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@Espiritus_Corvus that is very sad.

What kind of a boat do you have? How big and what make? My Ex is a sailor so I know something about it.

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Last Chance is a 1989 Hunter 42’ sloop, stern cockpit. Her mast was re-stepped and hull redone 22 months ago. She is strong and fast with new rags and rigging, a 62hp Yanmar, an 8kw generator, new batteries and new wind&solar regeneration as well. She handles easily solo. She has a fully appointed galley, a stateroom and can sleep 8 comfortably—by my standards. There are 4 tons of lead in her keel with a 5’ draft which makes her good for where I want to go and what I want to do. The last guy rigged her with fore&aft floods on the mast and in the hull which makes her awesome when lit up at night. Impresses the fishes to no end. Although I don’t use a third of the amenities when out solo, I’m hardly roughing it. Those days are over. But I’d rather spend my time on deck rather than down cleaning the galley, so I usually eat right off the BBQ at the stern rather than at table below. I made this trip last winter in a naked 1973 Morgan 36’ and did just fine. Charley made a nice boat. But now I live year-round on my vessel and it’s nice to have things like A/C so your work clothes don’t rot in the friggin Florida humidity.

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Best. Answer. Ever.

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Need a bow penguin?

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@janbb You might get bored as a hood ornament, but if you wish… It would be nice if you could play the violin. We have one onboard, but nobody so far can play it. There was a thick offshore fog the morning I arrived in Santa Cruz and I thought while breaking through it and entering the harbor that a violinist on the bow playing the Meditation of Thais would be so cool in that opaque silence—and set the Cuban Coasties at ease. Andrea, the woman from Key West/Celestun, will be re-joining us in Port Royal just down the road from the Kingston airport. You’ll like her and you might find having another female onboard keeps a nice balance. Welcome aboard, Jan.

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Hard to play the violin with flippers but I can do a mean – if rather clumsy – jig. Otherwise, sounds great!

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