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Have you ever pulled pranks on a friend when they stayed over night?

Asked by atr408 (357points) June 8th, 2008 from iPhone

what did you do to them?

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I never did it but that did it to me…. don’t ask what that did plezzzz don’t ask

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@ Melonkind

You probably got the standard treatment.

I have never had any pranks done to me, but once me and a few of my friends melted chocolate in a pot (we were doing something with chocolate, don’t really remember) we waited till it was cooler, we didn’t want to give the kid third degree burns. Then we poured it all over his face and chest, kept us laughing for months.

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Cream in the hand,
tickle the nose with the feather,
I’m sure you get the picture.

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My dad used to love to have snipe hunts in the back yard. He’d bring it up at dinner and then go get out the paper bags and flashlights. If it was an out of towner and grunion season, my dad would plan the snipe hunt just before a grunion run at the beach. Our friends would assume it was the same as a snipe hunt and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the grunion. My dad was great fun.

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whats a grunion?

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the only things I have done was put a spoon full of Tabasco sauce in many of my friends mouths and noses while they were sleeping, and threw one of them in the pool because they passed out like 3 ft away from it. Good times

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i havent but my friend has, she put her friends had in a bucket of water(cold) and it made them pee their pants. keep in mind it doesn’t work on everyone.

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It’s actually hot water that makes you pee…

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Shaving eyebrows is always a party favorite of mine. Face writing done intricately with Sharpie is fun. A mixture of mayo and salt placed strategically by the male sleeper is amusing.

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(warm water)

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Of course I have!! The old hand in water deal, drawn on them with a Sharpie, frozen bras, shaving creme to the face after a tickle. I’ve also done the one where you put your drunk friend on a raft and send them into the middle of a lake. Yeah, I’ve pranked people.

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I drew a penis on someone’s face with a Sharpie….

@gimmedat What does the mayo and salt do???????

Also did a bunch of scary things…like putting things in bed with people that shouldn’t be there. I refuse to say more…

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hahah..yeah, she woke up pregnant!

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I’d say setting an alarm and saying to everyone ‘time for school!’ and it miraculously worked, for about 10 seconds. Then they got me back by scaring the crap outta me later that morning.

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