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Help! First anniversary kinda important could do with some help.

Asked by lightsourcetrickster (1902points) December 27th, 2012

Ok so finally now that Christmas (which was a complete friggin shambles) is over, I now have an anniversary to worry about.

It’s the first anniversary of my relationship with my girlfriend, and to her it’s a big deal, to me – not so much because I’ve never bothered with that kind of thing before. I can understand this sort of thing if you’re married to someone, but not if you’re dating them. Still, because it is important to her I want to put effort into it (there is no question about the wanting to put effort into this by the way).

Basically, I’m a bit of a poor bloke, I can’t afford a great deal, I may have about £60–70 at my disposal for this thing, but I have NO friggin idea what to do. Going out some place nice is out of the way – she wants me to cook something, so that’s covered, but I want to do more than that – truth be told I was going to take her to Bella Italia, which is a place we went to once and she said she liked it, so we may do that yet, but more for the drinking than the eating if I’m cooking something already.

I don’t want to get her something too flashy, but I don’t want to get her something that really is just corny or old fashioned. She’s 26, and not really girly, so flowers and chocolates are way out of the question. She likes music – but she gets her own music anyway – and she seems to have a thing for purple (she has a few purple tops I’m aware of).

I’ve never been in this sort of position before where I have to get a girlfriend something for an anniversary. It’s not my kind of thing. So whilst you may not know a great deal about this person, what sort of things would you think make for a fairly good attempt at a first anniversary kind of thing? Advice and hints and all other manner of fluthering usefulness would be extremely appreciated because it’s happening next month!

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Get her an inexpensive purple handbag, with a bottle of inexpensive perfume and an iTunes (or Amazon) gift card inside it.

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What about some amethyst earrings or a pendant? Shouldn’t cost you the earth and they will last.

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The gift of music would be really special so what about taking her to a concert or go to see a local band? You can also buy a really nice pair of earrings that won’t cost that much.

edit: Bellatrix beat me to the earrings.

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I think people give hints all the time of things they want in life but perhaps would not purchase for themselves. If you pay attention to what she says you will find out what her secret desires are. With my husband, who is very hard to buy for, we will be walking along window shopping and he will pay extra attention to something or other. I make a mental note and perhaps that will be a birthday present, or just an “I love you” present. Anytime he says, in passing, that he likes something or something intrigues him, I take note and tuck it away for future reference. It might be a little late for this anniversary, although you haven’t mentioned a date, but keep it in mind for the next time. It is a much better way than just picking out some random gift because of color or convenience or whatever.

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Make her a scrapbook of your relationship. Ticket stubs, pictures of places you’ve been, things that remind you of times you’ve had with her. She’ll love the thought that went into it. Put a purple cover on it.

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Nice ideas you have here. I agree with @rooeytoo women love talking about what they love. Take her to the Mall on a browsing trip. See where she stops, which windows she look at. That how you get a better idea. Women really dig that you notice.

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