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Can you help me to find a good site or resource for finding what colors would be most flattering on me?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) December 28th, 2012

I’m really not good with color. Most of my wardrobe is black, grey, and brown. My makeup is all very natural and neutral. I’d like to throw some color in, but I’m really not sure what colors look good on me.

I’ve found a few websites that offer quizzes or comparisons to celebrity photos, but I can’t even pinpoint where I fall on those. I think I need something with a lot of options, something beyond “pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair” vs “dark skin, brown eyes, dark hair.” I don’t think I have any of the most common color combinations of hair/eyes/complexion. I’m not even sure if I’m warm or cool – which would help a great deal in choosing colors.

If you want to take a stab at suggestions:

My skin is fair, but my cheeks are always pink (which supposedly means I’m cool complected), but I have lots of freckles (which supposedly means that I’m warm complected.)

My eyes are… I don’t know what color. They are yellow around the pupil with a thin brown line around that, very pale blue in the majority of the iris, and dark green (almost teal) around the iris. Grey? Green? Hazel?I have no idea.

My hair was very light blonde as a baby, blonde to dishwater blonde as a child and a teen, then I dyed my hair for the next 17 years, and now that it is natural again it is a medium brown with a hint of red when the light hits it.

Maybe I should just stick to wearing black.

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I have the most colorful wardrobe of anyone I ever met. I hate black, gray, white, and brown, so I naturally just gravitate towards color. I think everyone looks better in color, and most people are “afraid” of it and don’t really give it a try. Why not just go shopping and try on any old color that appeals to you? Chances are it’s probably going to look good. Thus far, I know of one color that looks bad on me that I no longer buy or wear—pale yellow. And really, it looks bad on everyone, so there’s a start. No pale yellow. Actually I think pastels in general are bad. Maybe try starting with bright red? That’s a generally good color for anyone. Or bright royal blue? I don’t have any rhyme or reason to the colors I wear, I don’t know what they are supposed to match (eyes? complexion? makeup? i think all thats silly)....I vote for just going out to a store and trying on some crazy colors. You’ll see quickly what compliments you!

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@deni I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, necessarily, but I’ve never found a color that I do like on me. Maybe that’s why I’m stuck. The only “colors” that I’m drawn to wearing are very muted, like khaki or army greens. I don’t know if they are flattering, or if I just like those colors. I love color, my home is very colorful, I’m drawn to colorful things, I just can’t figure it out on me.

It’s more than just clothing, though, I’m much more interested in finding makeup that looks good on me that isn’t neutral, and I have yet to find one. And makeup is a lot harder to “try on” than clothes.

(I have a photo that I can send privately if anyone is good with this sort of thing and wants to have a visual, I just don’t want to post it on the actual site.)

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You sound more like a spring. But I don’t put too much store in those charts. As I also find I fall short of one or two characteristics. But I am a spring and find some of their suggestions quite good. I look VERY good in red for example. A clear red. Not a blue red. So most of my colors on the spring chart should be clear, whereas an autumn would wear warmer reds with a hint of orange. I do love color and have been told I am quite good at color and choices. Salmon is supposed to work well and clear greens. Cream looks better on an autumn, white on a summer, and off white on a spring. I think. I hate black, I used to live in black. I love color now. If people compliment you that day, remember the color you wore. That color alone might be a good indicator of your best type of color as opposed to recalling a whole chart of colors. Whether it is warm based, clear and so on.

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If you’re more looking for makeup that would look good on you, have you tried going to a makeup counter at Macy’s,
Sephora, etc.? You can explain to them what you’re looking for and they should be able to pick out colors for you and even show you how to apply it. There isn’t an obligation to buy so you could just take pictures and buy cheaper drugstore versions later. Makeup is trickier because it has a lot to do with eye color- you seem to have a fairly unique eye color, so it’s hard for me to give you makeup advice without seeing you.

To figure out what type of skin you have, it’s actually better to look at the back of your wrist. If your veins appear blue, you have a cool skin tone; green, you have a warm skin tone. Somewhere in between? Then you have a combination skin tone, and most colors would look good on you. And freckles don’t actually mean anything- I have freckles and I am nowhere near a warm skin tone.

If you find yourself struggling to incorporate colors into your clothing and makeup, have you ever thought about adding color with nail polish and accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry? Small pops of color on a mostly neutral outfit can be just as effective and they aren’t as intimidating as colorful clothes and makeup to a beginner.

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@Fly I’m good with makeup, just not with color. I have never had my makeup done at a counter because I’m weird about people touching me.
My veins are purple and green. Is that a combination thing? Sometimes I think that may be the case, maybe I am just “neutral.” (I sent a pic in PM)
Most of the color in my wardrobe is in my jewelry.

What it all boils down to is that I’m bored. I feel like my style hasn’t changed much in a very long time, and I tend to keep with classic cuts and neutral palettes, and it looks nice, but I’m bored.

I don’t see myself going to a counter to let some stranger touch my face, but I do have one of those huge eyeshadow palettes with like 50 different shades in it. Maybe I’ll start applying a different color every day until I figure out which one/s I like.

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I have similar coloring to yours, but I’ve always known I’m a “cool” because yellow and orange clothes make me look dead, and nearly any makeup I put on (especially lipstick) turns orange on me even if it looks bluish in the container.

At a store like Sephora, there are bunches of samplers. Put lip colors of the same brand on the inside of your wrist and see if they seem to hold their color or if the color turns, and see which look nicest to you. The sales clerks could also give you advice by looking at your skin and hair in person, without having to put anything on your face.

Do you have any trusted friends that might be able to advise you better than us?

In addition to trying various makeup colors, you can go to a department store, you could probably find an item, like a turtleneck shirt, that comes in a wide range of colors and try several of them on. If you’re able to go to a high-end store, like Nordstrom’s at an off-peak time, I’d bet the sales clerks would be willing and able to make some suggestions.

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Based on the picture that you sent me, I would definitely say that you have a cool skin tone, but one that is not severely cool and leans slightly warm. This means that you would look good in pretty much any color, but colors for cool skin tones will really pop on you. One color that I love and will look great on your skin tone and with your dark hair is deep plum. Raspberry and burgundy tones, which tend to be universally flattering, will also really stand out on you. These are all darker colors, so while they could add some color to your wardrobe, they are darker and aren’t shocking, so they would probably be an easy transition for you as far as clothing is concerned. If you want to go more bold, a bright kelly green or Pantone’s color of the year for 2013, emerald would also look gorgeous.

Even after seeing your picture, makeup is a little tougher. You have a very unique eye color (a gorgeous color, by the way!), so it is difficult to stay what colors of eyeshadow would look best. Blue eyes typically look good with grays and browns (which is what you’ve been doing, I assume), but blue shadows also work well. Browns and green eyes, on the other hand, look great with purple, brown, and green. Because your eyes have all these colors all in one, you could go a couple of different ways. I think something in the color palette of this Almay Intense I-color Shadow Stick for Green Eyes really suit you. It’s designed for green eyes but these colors look just as great on blue eyes as they do green. It’s a light blue paired with a shimmery plum, and I think that both of these would really bring out your eyes, whether or not they are used together. Purple would also have a gorgeous effect paired with a light neutral, while the blue would be a great highlight color for a grey smokey eye. I can’t quite tell how green your eyes are, but from your picture, it looks like the colors in the Almay Intense I-color Satin-I Kit for Green Eyes would bring out the green in your eyes very beautifully. The lighter purply-pinky-lilac color would look really good on your skin tone as well as your eyes. As a bonus, these are only $5 each at Target and Almay products are great on sensitive skin, but you may already have similar colors in that huge eye palette that will work just as well!

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@Fly awesome, thank you. I feel like you’re onto something with the raspberries and pinky-purple stuff. I can’t wear grey on my face (I do know that much, anything along the lines of grey/charcoal/navy looks bad on my eyes – I lean toward browns and bronze-y stuff right now), but I think you may be right with the rest of it. I do have sensitive skin, so the Almay palettes look right up my alley. I’ll see if I have anything similar in my box to try, and if I like it I’ll pick those up.
Thanks a bunch, that helps a lot. :)

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@DigitalBlue Glad I could be of service! :)

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Maybe blue, green, and other cool colors would look good.

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