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Which combination?

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) April 6th, 2008

I have dark brown hair and I know that many of you probably will not approve but I am going to put hot pink in it. I’m not sure if I should leave the rest of my hair its natural color or dye it black. So will brown and pink look okay or should I go black and pink?

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you can do one strand of pink.

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I thought Easter was over? j/k maybe a pink strip in the front kinda falling to one side would be neat As you can see in my picture, i was tied down and shaved for having blue in my hair.

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@hairypalm: thats sad, but SO funny.

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pink would look pretty but you can dye your hair black just to see how it looks but dont do it perminitly unless u like black with pink

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I think brown / pink would be much cuter than black / pink.

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I don’t think you should dye your hair at all. It damages your hair you know. But that’s just my opinion.

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black and pink sounds too ‘Hot topic’ If you keep the rest brown you can easily get rid of the pink when you get sick of it or it fades by dying it your natural color. Black tends to stick around

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It depends on how much color you want to put in your hair, if your going all out you might as well color it black and then streak it with pink. But, if you’re only putting a couple streaks in leave it brown.

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brown and pink would be unique and cooler than black and pink.

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Dont do black! Your hair would not lion good black, trust me. :)

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brown with pink highlights, but do not tell my fourteen year old daughter I said that…

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Just in case anyone cares to know, I got bright pink highlights and kept my natural brown hair color and it looks awesome.

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