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Before I ask this question, Yes, I do know wrestling is just a show but does anyone else think it's crappy how The Rock can leave wrestling and come back when he feels like it and have everything handed to him on a silver platter?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 28th, 2012

Like for example John Cena (love him or hate him) has been busting his ass in wrestling for years. Week after week he’s there (and makes time for being the number one wish granter for the “Make a Wish Foundation”) and then all of the sudden here comes The Rock (after choosing to leave wrestling in his prime to pursue another path) and then they have The Rock beating John Cena at Wrestlemania.

I bet the rock wouldn’t have even agreed to be at Wrestlemania unless he received it in writing that he would be the winner.

Now here comes the Royal Rumble (in January I believe) and he (The Rock) is just going to be handed a title shot. Usually when someone is gone for that long they have to “re-earn” their shot at the title. I just think it’s unfair to all those wrestlers who continue to put their bodies on the line week after week (whether it’s for the fans, the paycheck or both) to have someone who chose to leave wrestling, come back when they feel like it, and get what many of the wrestlers in the back haven’t even received and that’s a world championship match.

For the record I don’t have a problem with The Rock choosing a different career path, I just don’t think that if he comes back to “visit” he should just be handed a title shot or a win over, in my opinion one of the hardest working wrestlers (John Cena) today.

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Maybe they want to get you pissed off, so someone else can knock him off, and you’ll feel all better, like there’s love and justice and truth in the world again.

Sorry, but this falls in the “get a life” category.

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I haven’t eaten or slept in a week, I am so outraged.

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Because the “people’s eyebrow” demands it.
This is how the “Terminator” can go be “Governator” and back again. Sehr gut!

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Wrestling? Is that the gayporn without the sex?

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Wait, so they decide who’s going to win in advance?

@ragingloli: Thanks, I was counting on you :D

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Well, yes, it’s crappy, but then wrestling itself is fairly crappy, too, so it’s a nice fit.

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I am lurving all these answers!

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If you follow fake TV wraaaastlin and get involved in the fake drama…...............

you, might be a redneck

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@woodcutter Do you watch TV? If you only watch the news or documentaries then __I hate to break it to you_ what you’re watching is fake too.

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Not a bad point.

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@bob_ Thank you for at least answering my question without an out and out insult. Yes I watch wrestling and so must a lot of other people. WWE alone makes a billion dollars a year (give or take).

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I believe that The Rock was mighty popular roughly ten years ago? My guess is that it may have been easier for him to come back than some other wrestlers because of how immensely popular he was. Not that I know how you can achieve this by telling everyone to suck your penis or calling the audience a jabroni. Lol.

I realize a lot of the wrestlers were/are probably pretty popular, but The Rock sort of was above them, kinda like Hulk Hogen (Sp?) I guess. Given that, whether you like the wrestler or not, it was probably a good thing for wrestling to have him make an appearance. I equate this to how much RPG fans might start respecting SquareEnix again if they ever made a remake of Final Fantasy VII.
I dated a guy who watched wrestling all the time, and after watching some I quickly figured out how this was a lot more about the ’‘plot twists’’ and the drama than it is about fighting. So maybe The Rock was really good at it or something.

Personally though, I liked that guy who always drank beer in the ring, and mostly just spilled it all over himself and then threw the empty, crushed cans at the audience. He was always insulting everyone and being a complete jerk. Lol.

But GG Allin could kick all of those fucker’s asses.

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@Symbeline I thank you for giving a civil answer as well. The Rock was arguably the most popular time period. It was between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin (he was the one who drank beer or should I say, spilled it all over himself and threw the empty cans into the audience.

Years ago wrestling was about fighting. I thought it was better then. But now it is about plot twists and drama.

By the way who is GG Allin?

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal but I’m not a redneck. You like Honey Boo Boo?

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Why the fuck are you pretending to be insulted now? OMG! I hope you aren’t going to take that typical emo stereotype here. Lighten up for fuckin out loud. Don’t go sappy here. The sharks can smell that shit.

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I havn’t watched WWE in about 3 years so I’m not sure what turn of events have occured since then, but I’ll try to answer this being a former wrestling fan. I can sympathize with your outrage since many of these wrestlers do bust their ass off, and really do sustain serious injuries.

There has always been unfairness in wrestling, like anything and it really comes down to what sells. Wrestling ego’s make money, well the right ones anyways, and experimentation has always been rampant in this industry to find out what will draw more fans in. This may not seem fair to you as a fan, and I’m sure the wrestlers at the receiving end of getting screwed would agree with you as well, but that is the nature of the professional wrestling industry.

I see that a few of those bullies have invaded your thread.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I always thought wrestling was a little stupid, but I have to admit, I had fun watching wrestlers insult each other and all. It was pretty funny. If you know what it’s about, it’s probably pretty easy to enjoy if you’re into that. Although I do understand it started out as actual fighting, back when they had like, Eric the Red or Andrée the Giant or whatever.

So you see? You say yourself that The Rock is probably the most popular wrestler to have existed. I was gonna say Hulk Hogan but he’s from a different generation. The guy I went out with back then also liked a really popular wrestler from the early nineties when he was a kid. But I don’t remember the name. All I remember from him is some Pepsi commercial where he gives his sunglasses to a little kid. (trying to find the commercial on YT, but no luck)

And yeah, Steve Austin FTW!

Oh and GG…yeah. He was a punk singer, but did the most unbelievable things on stage…I’ll let you the ’‘pleasure’’ of looking that guy up yourself. none of it was staged

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@woodcutter I’m not a redneck either. I know little about Honey Boo Boo other than her name and I’ve seen her picture., but from what I’ve seen I have no desire to find out anymore.

And as far as pretending to be insulted, I’m not pretending. Most of the responses I have got are insulting and unnecessary. I’m not going emo, I’m just thanking the people that’s not being a smart ass over a question that could just be ignored, if they feel that disgusted by it.

It’s not about going sappy, it’s about self respect. If people want to insult me, I may call them out on it or I may be the bigger person and walk away. Either way if people want to insult me, me reacting to that is not being emo, it’s called sticking up for yourself.

When I debate with someone and I disagree with them I don’t turn to insults or sarcasm until someone else does and if/when they start showing respect I start doing the same. Hell I give them lurve for their different point view when that happens you should know this.

Sharks smell shit and people smell someone who will just let you run all over them.

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I thought sharks smelled blood.

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@bob_ I did too but @woodcutter made me see the light.

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This is Fluther. I’m simply saying with all the intellectual snobbery elite BS this place is famous for, It would look like the mention of WWF entertainment is going to raise an eyebrow or ten and you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a teeny amount of grief about it. Its all in fun, guy don’t pop a vein please.
I think it’s cute.

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@Paradox25 Well I want to start by saying that outrage is too strong of a word for my opinion on this subject. But it is annoying and unfair. But I must agree that being unfair is a backbone of pro-wrestling (and sometimes even life). I guess they do that so when the “good guy” wins you appreciate it all the more and keep watching. Kind of like gambling I guess, they have to make you lose enough to make money, but let you win enough to keep coming back.

and yes, some bullies apparantly have followed, but I guess it wouldn’t be fluther without a few of them around

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@woodcutter ’‘This is Fluther. I’m simply saying with all the intellectual snobbery elite BS this place is famous for, It would look like the mention of WWF entertainment is going to raise an eyebrow or ten and you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a teeny amount of grief about it. Its all in fun, guy don’t pop a vein please.
I think it’s cute.’’

aye see wut j00 did thar! :p

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I’ve heard that Lesnar came back: is he a heel or face? What is the Rock’s storyline? It’s been a while.

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@Symbeline Saying The Rock was the most popular wrestler who ever existed was a typo. I was trying to say that he was one of, if not the most popular wrestler of his time. I’m with you, I’d say overall Hulk Hogan was the most popular of all time.

The wrestler you’re talking about giving his sunglasses to a kid was probably Bret Hart, while I don’t recall him doing a Pepsi commercial here is a commercial of him giving his sunglasses to some kid.

I don’t know if professional wrestling as we know it has ever been non-scripted or not, but I’m pretty sure it was scripted even in the days of Andre the Giant.

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@woodcutter I promise I won’t pop a vein, but all I’m trying to do is start a conversation, not be insulted. You may think it’s cute, and maybe when it’s directed at someone else maybe I will too. But when it’s directed at me I don’t feel that way.

And as far as this place being famous for intellectual snobbery, I didn’t know that but then again, up until this month I haven’t been on here for two years.

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@Symbeline I saw your post to @woodcutter. Did I just miss something?

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She highlighted Raise an eyebrow

You know this.

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@Paradox25 Lesnar only came back for maybe a couple of months. He was playing a heel. He was teamed up with Paul Heyman. While he was back he fought John Cena. Cena won, but Lesnar got real on him in the fight. John Cena’s mouth was busted open and you could tell that Lesnar was really punching him. Plus WWE is PG now (which sucks) so you never see blood unless it’s an accident. But you saw plenty that night. The ref had to keep stopping the fight (even though it was an anything goes fight) to make sure Cena could still complete and to keep wiping the blood off of him.

The Rock isn’t back exactly he just came back at Wrestlemania this past year and fought and won against John Cena. I think after the pay-per-view The Rock came on the following night on Raw and said he wasn’t done with the WWE and he had plans of becoming World Champion again. If memory serves correct he will be facing whoever the champ is for either the WWE World Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Which I believe is this January. But he hasn’t really been on recently to talk about it. He usually shows up a week or two before he fights to promote it and then totally abandons the WWE until he’s ready to feed his ego or feed his bank accoutnt again.

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@woodcutter Oh, I overlooked that. Good wrestling humor. Here’s some Lurve.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Oh I think that was the commercial! Coulda swore it was a Pepsi one, but I guess not lol.

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@Symbeline I thought maybe that was the commercial. Giving away his sunglasses to kids was one of Bret Hart’s signatures (for lack of a better term) and that commercial was the most popular one of him I remember. I’m glad I could help you “find” that commercial on youtube.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I could have found it, if I had known the wrestler’s name. It was like trying to find a song you like, but don’t remember the lyrics, artist name or song title lol.

But yeah, I also remember this commercial playing constantly.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Wow, that sounds pretty heavy that Lesnar really went serious on Cena. I know that Brock didn’t have nice things to say about WWE after he left the first time, then he came back anyways. Heyman and Lesnar make a good pair LMFAO!

Actually the WWE format turned me off to wrestling. I liked wrestling much better during the WWF days. Wrestling was much more kickass during the WWF days. All of these ‘extras’ in wrestling have effectively ruined it in my opinion. I also miss the mixed gender wrestling days of the WWF that this WWE format done away with too.

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@Symbeline Not knowing anything about what you’re trying to find does limit your chances of finding it.

I saw a movie back in 1996 and I couldn’t tell you a single actor or actress in it. All I could tell you about it was it was probably made somewhere between 1992–1996, there was cockfighting in the movie, some gangster’s woman slept with somebody else and said something to the effect of “You know he will probably kill us if he finds out”, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a movie that was ever in theater’s and it either came on showtime, cinemax or The Movie Channel.

Trust me Google can’t help much on that one.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Yeah. Google really isn’t all that badass. And it would lose to Steve Austin.

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If you miss old school WWF you might want to check out TNA wrestling, it kind of reminds me of WCW during the old “Monday Night War” days. If you remember that time period in wrestling.

Here is a link to the last weeks episode, this weeks isn’t posted yet on But yes if you have cable TV it comes on at 8 or 9 pm eastern time on Spike TV every Thursday. If you don’t have cable and you like what you see you can watch it on It always post a replay of its newer episodes.

By the way Hulk Hogan is the general manager of the show and Sting is returning on Jan. 3. But it has a lot of newer unknown talent as well. I personally like it better than WWE.

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@Symbeline I think at wrestling Google would lose to Austin, but I think at being a search engine Google would destroy Austin. LOL

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal: If you choose to ask this question in “Social,” what do you expect? Being insulting, being cute, being irritating or even being derogatory is to be expected.

Next time ask it in “General, please (and for heavens sake, stop your whining here).

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The same would happen if Stone Cold came back: they were both very popular and everyone loved them. They were also cash cows and people pay money for the main events and pay-per-views for the main event. You have to put the Rock where he’ll get the most exposure.

It’s always about money.

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I think these two fat fuckers did it better, nowt like giving granny an orgasm on a lazy saturday afternoon :¬)

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@gailcalled With the exception of this month, I’ve been gone for almost two years. Pardon the fuck out of me if I didn’t know that putting something into the “Social” category gave anyone a license to be an asshole. This is something that I will bear in mind for the future. I don’t believe the social category was here before I had to leave and I don’t think that people was so easily allowed to be a dickhead just for fun back then.

But just like me, if you don’t want to hear what someone is saying, you shouldn’t fucking read it. The only difference is I asked this question, so I feel the need to read it so I can hand out lurve to anyone who choses to engage me in intelligent conversation, rather than just being a complete dickhead. If people are rude, I will complain and this is my question so I won’t quit following this post. But since this isn’t your question, if you don’t like what I’m saying you could click a little button near the top:

It says, “Stop Following”

Good day to you.

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@Blackberry Yes it is about the money, but it still sucks to me.

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Removed by me.

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Nope because Dwayne Johnson is one of the sexiest motherf*****s on the planet so he can do whatever he wants lol.

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