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Have you heard or seen the tag line "just sayin"?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30552points) December 28th, 2012

What does it mean?

That question might be obvious to some, but I don’t get it.

I only started hearing people use “just sayin” about 6 months ago, and it jarred me.

If I’m correct, it claims a superiority to the speaker/writer. They are stating an opinion and marking it as unassailable. By adding this minute tag, they seem to think they can forego facts.

I really am puzzled by this cliche.

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I think it means that I’m stating my opinion and you may not agree, but “I’m just sayin”.

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It’s an excuse to rude to someone.

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I’m 38 and have heard that saying my whole life. I use it a lot. I use it here to denote the fact that what I have to say is not particularly an answer to the question, but worth saying anyway.

I don’t see how the term closes the speaker off to criticism. An aside is just as open to criticism as the main topic.

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It’s been around for many years. It’s just noting that you are pointing out the obvious, which shouldn’t be necessary but apparently is. Just sayin’.

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I’ve been using it for years. I don’t think it always is condescending, it’s more like when you give advice, many times unsolicited. Or, as @wundayatta said pointing out what seems obvious to the person using the expression. Can be like a bit of sarcasm. Probably if you search just sayin’ @jleslie some answers will show up where I’ve used it. Although, I probably don’t use it as often on fluther as I do in real life.

Edit: I did it out of curiousity. Here are the times I used it. Not that I actually expect anyone to actually be interested.

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I use it when I don’t want it to sound like I’m telling someone to do something, but am just making a suggestion. It’s a way of making something sound less like a command and more like a piece of advice.

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I don’t use it much, and have known it for a while, but have recently noticed it being used more. it’s usually used in the sense of pointing something out that is a tangential truth that needs to be remembered.

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I’ve heard this my whole life. It can be used a couple of different ways.

One: It can be used as a “no offense” after you have said something more than a little rude. As in, ”‘Yo Taylor…Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!’ ...Just sayin’.” Kanye West, everybody!

Two: As other people have pointed out, It can be used after you have given unsolicited and probably unwanted advice. As in, “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you…just saying.”

Three: You realized what you said was obvious and/or just generally stupid and was pretty pointless in the conversation, so you say it to distract from the stupidity, but mostly just to make yourself feel better. As in, “I think Kim Kardashian is the coolest, most talented person on this earth…just saying.”
…Said no one, ever.

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I thought it meant the same as, “I thought I’d add this, but it isn’t important.”
@woodcutter I didn’t think it was either sad or happy. I guess it’s all in how you see it.
Or did you mean it in a derogatory way, in which case, shame on you. Just sayin.’

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I have used it before in a situation where I was more blunt with my opinion than I normally am.

“Well, sorry I had to have an attitude with you earlier, but you were doing your job really terribly. Just saying.”

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This answer is about the internet meme in general, and not the actual saying. However, I thought it rather fitting, since the online meme is quite immense.

(insert just sayin joke right in here)

On the internet, it’s what you might call a ’‘phrasal meme’’. Basically you say that to end a statement, except that in becoming a meme, it ridicules the actual reason it was started; stating something.

For example, in its serious fashion; I wouldn’t go downtown at night. Just saying. As in, it’s pretty obvious you might get mugged, raped or get your head chopped off by Aragorn.

But for the meme, say somebody actually, seriously said that you shouldn’t go downtown because Aragorn will kill you…this is a stupid statement. So somebody might sarcastically say, yeah, because we all know Aragorn likes to hang out downtown. Just saying. As in, totally making fun of your Aragorn theory.
I’m talking about the internet phenomena, which is often meant to be smarmy, sarcastic and mean. It’s like that ’‘oh snap’’ meme years ago, which is basically the written form of smacking your forehead with your palm when someone is saying something stupid, only ’‘just saying’’ is a lot more versatile, and used for so many things. That’s why a meme is a little hard to explain, as this isn’t one that makes fun of/glorifies a specific thing. Just saying can find itself written above the face of a politician who said something entirely stupid, or if I’m telling you that you should probably press start on your video game in order to play; press start. Just saying…
Or if someone asks; why shouldn’t I punch through this glass window?
Because you might end up with a lot of stiches…just sayin. As in, you should probably already know that it isn’t a good idea to punch windows.

And as you might know, a meme wouldn’t be a meme if it didn’t go viral. As well, it’s a confusing meme because it’s one of those that people like to do anything with.

The gist of it is, the saying originally denotes a statement, right? But in making fun of it, the meme is used for almost everything except that, so much so that using this in its actual context can get you banned on forums full of 14 year olds who listen to Dragon Force. The only time it’s used seriously, within the meme, is when you’re making fun of someone’s opinion or statement because it’s really lame or evident; therefore you comment with the obvious which then confirms how their opinion/statement is stupid, and end it with the meme to let the person know they suck.

From out of the meme, plenty of good answers above. How or why this became a meme I don’t know, but it’s always the most unsuspecting things that become weird ass memes.

I use just saying a lot, but always to be funny. Usually when I say it, I don’t even consider the sense behind it; whether meme or actual saying (no pun intended) but I will admit that the meme itself is what made me think it was funny to sometimes say it.

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Jeez, maybe I don’t know what “just sayin’” really means and should stop using it. I’ve been using that phrase for a long time and I use it to mean, I guess: “Not making a claim, not promoting a particular opinion or world view, not looking for a debate, just presenting something, some information… something for you all to think about…”

But as of now, definitely going to stop “sayin’ it.” :-)

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Thank you, @Symbeline. Great answer. I believe that’s why I’ve heard it so much in the past 6 months or so. It’s an Internet meme gone viral.

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No. I do however often use “just saiyan.”

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As others have noted, it’s been in common use for verbal conversations for many years. I’ve seen it used online for quite a while, as well; but agree that it seems to have caught on as a meme. Out of curiosity, I searched my usage of it here on Fluther, and only came up with one occurrence: Not all sexual relationships involve just 2 people… ;-) just sayin’

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Wow. I had no idea I was all those things, @Fly. Just sayin’.

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I use it, but I only use it on Facebook and Fluther. I don’t say it when I’m speaking. I just used it on another question I answered this evening as a way of saying “what may be obvious to you may not be obvious to all others”. just sayin’ I’ve never written it to be rude to someone.

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