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What are concierge services?

Asked by YudiTis (4points) December 28th, 2012

I am looking for concierge services, what exactly they have on offer.

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Generally they are offered in hotels and other residency establishments. Sometimes, also in office buildings. The concierge will arrange almost any service you want—from shoe cleaning to tickets to plays to finding you a private helicopter to take you somewhere. Their job is to locate the service you need and get you set up with whatever you need. So whatever you want, ask the concierge. They’ll tell you if they can arrange it or not.

I’m not sure how they get paid. I don’t know if you tip them, or if they collect a percentage of the cost of the service or what. Maybe both. Hopefully, if they did something rather difficult, like arrange a wedding overnight, you’d tip them a lot.

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