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Where will you retire, assuming you have to decide right now?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 29th, 2012

I have a hard time imagining where I might go, or even why I would go anywhere else. I might like to travel more, but this is where I live and where all the people who know me the best live. I have no reason to go anywhere else. Perhaps if I had family elsewhere or friends elsewhere, or some kind of retirement activity I really wanted to do. But I have none of those. Everything is here.

Where would you go and why would you go there to retire?

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Putting aside for the moment that I’m fairly certain I’ll never have the opportunity to retire…

I would like to retire in Italy. Either the Amalfi Coast or up in Stresa.

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If i could afford it, i’d retire in Marin County. It’s not far from the mountains, and it has everything else you need within 20 minutes.

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I want to retire to a house overlooking the ocean. Where that house will be has not been finalised. I think it’s a pipe dream. Why… I love being close to the ocean. I would also want my children close by but who knows where they will end up so in the end, it’s better for us to plan for where we would like to be.

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Probably straight into a grave. I will have to work forever. Retirement isn’t a realistic probability.

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I’d stay in Alaska, most likely. Might move to one of those hippy towns that I like so much.

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We don’t ever plan on retiring. I am in my late 60’s and my husband early 70’s and we like having our own business. We buy small struggling businesses, revitalise and make them profitable, then move on to the next. I can’t imagine not having a job, I have plenty of hobbies and love sports but I couldn’t make a full time occupation out of them. Life is too short, there is too much to be done to retire!

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My plan is to end up in the Scottish Highlands, I hope that happens before I retire though.

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Myy mother retired a few years ago, and is still in the house we grew up in. She owns the house, the economy stinks so it wouldn’t sell for much. My son is grown, her other grandchild will be a teenager next month and lives a couple hours away. She volunteers, and goes to the gym, and does crafts to keep busy. She is single, so she could go anywhere she wants. But she’s lived there for 46 years and that is home to her.

With the economy the way it is, I will probably have to work well into my 70s. I am currently happy with the area we live in now – and we moved in here a couple years ago with the intent of staying here long term. Of course, a lot can change in an are over a few decades, but we are near a college town that is on the tail end of a huge redevelopment process, so I think the area will remain fairly nice for a while.

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Just bought a house in Southern Oregon. This is supposed to be retirement but if I know my husband, we will be on to something else within 5 years.
We chose this because we wanted to live in a more progressive community and we wanted more access to culture. The Shakespeare festival is less than 20 miles from our house and it is an artsy community and college town. The weather is also way better than Eugene (where I grew up) although we close escrow on Friday and we are wondering if we will be able to get in with all the snow. (We live in Central California now.)

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It’s not likely I will ever be able to retire but if I do, I’d like to stay right where I am. The idea of retiring to some isolated place in the country, no matter how pretty, fills me with horror. I’m going to need public transport more in my old age, not less.

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I’m about to retire within the next 2 years after 37 years in the same line of work. My wife loves it here in Tacoma Washington so this is where we’ll stay. This area is very special in many and unique ways that we greatly appreciate and enjoy. Oh sure it is rainy and cloudy most of the time but we see it as free air conditioning an the cloud cover protects us from the sun’s harmful raise. We have extensively traveled about the Earth and we have found that the quality of life here to be among the best with its cool clean air and mild Winters and glorious Summers living in our house in the woods loaded with wild animals overlooking Puget Sound.

When we get very old and feeble however, we plan on moving back to San Francisco (where my wife and I first met) to live out our remaining days in a apartment building we own to me close to medical and assisted living support.

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I don’t know, really. I think I’d like to retire to a community where there are a lot of interesting things happening. I’d like to be involved in the world, and helping the community. Perhaps teaching. Perhaps consulting. I think that would most likely be where I live now.

I’ve seen retirement communities in Florida, where people live on boats and have barbecues every night and drink, and I wonder what it is all about. Do they do anything meaningful? I don’t want my retirement to be devoid of meaningful activities. It shouldn’t be just for fun. It should be for others.

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I used to think I would retire to the country but I have gone off the idea. I have no plans to retire but when I do I will stay right here and take extended holidays (if I can afford them).

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Maybe to England, I’d like to live in Cornwall one day.

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If I had the money and ability to do so, I’d retire as close to the ocean as possible. Realistically, I will never be able to retire, unless forced to do so (i.e., losing my job and being unable to find a new one. This possibility scares me, given the current economic realities and the “austerity” we are undergoing/most likely going to experience.

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