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Do you ever think about where you're going to live or what kind of lifestyle you may have when you retire?

Asked by jca (36062points) June 14th, 2015

I work in a place where we’re always notified when employees are retiring and I’m of an age (late 40’s) where my friends are discussing it. I’m a long way off, as I have an elementary school aged child who will be needing college tuition paid in about 10 years.

Some friends talk about living down South (Virginia, North Carolina, Florida) for part of or all of the year. Someone told me that where I end up will depend on where my daughter chooses to live.

Do you have some plan for when you retire, and where do you expect you may end up living?

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I can’t even imagine myself retiring. Maybe it’s just because of my age, but it doesn’t sound like a life I desire.

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I’m still too young to think about that, but maybe when I retire I will still stay at where I am staying, in my city. Maybe at that time I will have enough money to become a full-tine writer.

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I think about it, sure. My only requirement for location, though, is going to be a smaller town in the pacific northwest.

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I am retired, and didn’t move or anything, as my kids are nearby. I may, in about a decade, downsize the residence (it will take me that long to dump my crap!), and be in an alert meant or condo where a homeowners association takes care of stuff, but I probably won’t leave the area.

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“apartment” or condo. Damn you, auto-correct!

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Well, as many of you know I took a huge hit in the economic shit storm between 2010–2013. I was kinda, sorta, semi-retired for about 7 years, now I’m starting over from scratch but…I am still living on a rural property and have good health care nearby. I’m a country girl through and through and love the way I have lived for years now, on serene properties on the outskirts of small towns where you can get your amenities within a 20 minute drive and then high tail it back to the ranch to be left alone. I plan on living rural until I die.

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I’m 38 and my job is stressful and demanding as hell. Believe me retirement sounds fucking awesome. I’m ahead of where I should be in retirement savings for my age but the thought of keeping this up another quarter century or so is not sitting well. We gen Xers are being royally screwed over in the workplace.

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Sure I think about it, Mrs Squeaky is in super save for retirement now mode, with the house and vehicles paid for we are putting quite a bit away right now, we love our house but Mrs Squeaky really wants a one level rancher with a bit of land, instead of a lot in town, only time will tell if we make it there.

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Yes, I do. It’s not that many years off. A small to medium sized college town with a good tax climate, fairly good weather, and a hospital.

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I’m retired and love where I live but I realize that the day may come when I won’t be able to maintain 80 acres. I will probably (in 20–25 years) buy a place in a town where one of my children live, or move in with my sister and we can be crazy old ladies together. That is, if my husband goes before I do. As long as we’re both alive I hope we can stay on our mountain top.

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I think about it, but don’t have a real plan yet. I picture myself in Florida living in an active adult community or club community with a pool and social activities. If I’m in a house I hope all exterior maintenance and lawn is taken care of by a maintenance fee. I think it’s likely I wind up in a building, so I can lock it up and not worry much.

I hope to travel quite a bit. My husband plays with the RV idea, but I’m very reluctant.

The things I worry about are not having had children and being lonely or not well cared for if I can’t take complete care of myself. If I think about it enough it really scares me. If I am not cared for in minor ways (all I do for myself now) I’m in a lot of discomfort within days.

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I think about this a lot as I am still working though I am a little passed retirement age. I could afford to leave tomorrow if I chose but having worked since the age of 14 I find it difficult to let go. I will certainly retire before the end of next year and then I hope to spend part of the year in Scotland and a part in China.

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I think about. When I left the corporate world in 2008 I thought I was going to retire. However it was not long before I got sucked into doing some work on contract, then starting my own business, and then having it be successful and growing with employees.
My life has been turned on its head. It is like sitting at the front of a freight train, I really don’t see how I can back out now.

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I plan to live in France. We own a holiday house there and would probably sell that to get something more suitable for the older person – near the shops, not too much garden, maybe no stairs etc. We plan to use spare money to buy properties to rent (we do that already in UK) but I would want them to be close enough to keep an eye on, since we would have the time to do it ourselves. Also so that any income would be in Euros and we are not at the mercy of exchange rates. This has badly hit a lot of uk expats living in the eurozone.

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I’m only 29 years old so retirement is probably a long way off but my boyfriend is 20 years older than me and so will be retiring sooner. Our plan is to move up to Scotland at that point where, hopefully, I can continue to work until my own retirement.

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I think about it. We’re still investing to try to ensure we have as many choices as possible in retirement. Where we will live is a puzzle. I’d like to live near the ocean but I don’t know if we’ll be able to afford it. If we move to somewhere where we could afford to live closer to the ocean, our children may not be close by. I can’t see me choosing to move away from my children, so it makes the ocean wish emotionally less possible. However, who knows where my children will end up? They could move and end up living anywhere in the world. So for now, we’re just putting money aside and final decisions will be made when we get closer to retirement.

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