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Can you recommend a TV series based on these ones that I liked?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 30th, 2012

I don’t really follow a TV series while they air. I usually catch them on Netlix or Hulu via streaming or DVDs, and enjoy watching the episodes marathon style once I get hooked on the first episode.

Recently, I had fun watching Donwton Abbey’s 1st and 2nd season which I finished in less than three days. Before that I enjoyed Lost, Deadwood and Dexter. Based on these shows, do you have a good one you could recommend?

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Burn Notice is really addictive. Plot twists, plenty of action, character based drama and banter, lots of eye candy because it’s set in Miami. As soon as the newest season was released on Net Flix, I would go through those episodes like popcorn.

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If you can find it, The Pillars Of The Earth is a very interesting Medieval miniseries.

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Arrested Development

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I liked Alcatraz, shitty ending though.

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“Weeds” was a great series….insanely funny!

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I know that I really enjoyed two series on Showtime, Nurse Jackie, and The Big C. Another that I didn’t watch in season, was Army Wives. I rented seasons 1–5 and had an Army Wives marathon. I suppose that all three series are considered “chick flicks”, but I know many guys who have enjoyed them too. Enjoy!

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If you liked Downton Abbey you could look out for a really old series called Upstairs Downstairs. There is a new version of this old series being shown on Australian TV here at the moment.

I love Mad Men. One of my favourite series.

Also, Breaking Bad is brilliant.

I’ve not watched Deadwood and Lost lost me after a couple of series.

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The Newsroom

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@wundayatta, I don’t mind The Newsroom but I thought I would really love it. The two main female characters really grate with me. They are so exaggerated and seem so infantile at times. Such a pity because I was so wanting to love The Newsroom.

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@Bellatrix: I love Upstairs Downstairs! Haven’t watched it in years. How is the new series?

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Hmmm… it’s okay. I don’t think it’s as good as the original. It’s alright though. Some of the old cast are in it this time. I’m sure one of the older servants was a maid as a younger woman. The second series starts next week so I will report back.

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@Bellatrix obviously these things are personal. I’m riveted by the series. The tension plays throughout, and I can’t predict where they will be going. I love the way they weave in real news stories to show how office and corporate politics play out. So I really watch for plot, and am not as focused on characters. The characters only need to be believable for me to fall for them, and the characters in this series were believable to me.

But I mainly recommended them to @mazingerz88 because the shows on his list also seemed to be action oriented.

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Thanks for explaining what you like about it @wundayatta. I agree it’s a good programme. I still watch it. I just don’t like those characters. I think sometimes it can take a couple of series before certain characters (or even programmes) gel with you.

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Game of Thrones and Six Feet Under!!!

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