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Where is your place?

Asked by laineybug (5329points) December 30th, 2012 from iPhone

Do you have a place where you just always like to go? It could be anywhere, just somewhere that you feel like you fit in or brings back good memories. Somewhere that you like to escape to when things get overwhelming. Do you have a place? If so where is it? Why do you like it?

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I love my bedroom. It is the heart of my home. I have a lot going on here in this room. A computer set up so that I can use Meditation videos. My massage room is off it leading to another room. There are candles and fairy lights all over. This is my haven, my sanctuary. It is where come to restore balance to my soul. It’s really hot here right now, and I have white cotton sheets and soft fluffy pillows. I also have photographs and wall hangings I love to look at. I am quite sad though, I am leaving my bedroom soon forever.

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When I was in college I found a walled off section of building at the Ag Econ building, and I could hear water running. I was stressed a lot in college, and it sounded nice. I went up in the building to a higher floor and looked down and found a beautiful water garden. I ended up going down to the basement and found the opening to the garden. I had to crawl out an open window to get out to it, but it was incredible. A water garden with fish, a beautifully planted little courtyard, a few benches, and the soothing sound of water. I spent a lot of time there. No one could tell me who set up the garden, so I couldn’t help out the gardener. I did weed and do maintanence from time to time. I went back many years later and it had fallen into disrepair.

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I like to go to El Mirador De Costa De Los Pinos about 40 minutes walk from here.

It is a look out point over the coast, that allows you to see almost all of the east side of the island.

There is a fence to stop people falling over the side, the fence is covered in padlocks that have the names of couples engraved on them. I tend to go there when I am missing my SO, as she is currently away finishing university.

I just go there, look at our padlock, look at the view, take in the fresh air and enjoy the walk.

El Mirador #1

El Mirador #2

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My place is anywhere I am with my true love and we are not beset by the concerns of the world.

Since such concerns are ubiquitous, I do not often find myself in my place. But every other month or so, perhaps for as much as a few hours, I find myself in my place.

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I have no where to hide.

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Immersed in water or on top of a mountain. Even better is when I can skinny dip in a tarn on top of a mountain. Bliss!

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There’s a pull off on the road, about 13 miles outside of town. I get out of the car, and follow the trail back to the river.
No one else is ever there, that I’ve seen. Though I’ve seen evidence of people camping there.
There’s even a tree bridge. :)

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That would be the UK, more specifically Yorkshire.
My family comes from there, and I spent a lot of time there when I was younger.
It’s my real home, where I feel completely comfortable.

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Sitting on a balcony in my beach condo, drinking wine and watching the ocean waves and the people on the beach.

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My house is my favorite place on Earth most of the time, as you know, @laineybug. :)
Another place that feels very peaceful to me is The National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes, in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Even though I’m not religious at all, this place has an ethereal, natural beauty that calms me. It sits on a mountain top, nestled in the woods.

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My bed in the winter and our pool in the summer.

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I take my little boat out on a nearby marsh, and watch great blue herons and white egrets strut around. Red-winged blackbirds everywhere, and huge flocks of those ducks that slap the water with their feet as they fly. Even saw some giant swans and their little cygnets last time I went out, a few months ago. And a snakebird, once. The real birders tell me we get some rare ones there with surprising frequency. I am fortunate to be a resident of northern New Jersey at a time when Meadowlands cleanup and conservation has been in in the works for a few decades.

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We have a pool that you swim against a strong current (Endless Pool). When I swim in our pool there are no other swimmers, rules or pool etiquette to deal with like in public pools. So my mind is free to wonder and meditate and to kiss our weird and troubled world good by for a while. People tried to worn me that swimming in place would get boring fast but we have had our Endless Pool for 8 years now and I always look forward to my frequent swim workouts. Our pool is even more important to me as my wife and I age (we are nearly 62 years old) and can’t jog nearly as much as we use to. Jogging is painful and difficult anymore while swimming is pain-free and the ultimate in low-impact exercising. I feel totally weightless and free when I’m swimming.

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When the weather is clement, I like to sit on a meditation bench in my woods by a little plashing stream with some small water falls. Milo trots along and hunts for invisible things as long as I am nearby and ready to rescue him from the call of the wild.

Here bench is off camera to right. Stream is in center foreground. Hundreds of little daffodils in this photo, but hard to see.

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Up until a few months ago, I lived in the tropics and in every house there was always a huge outdoor living area. I love living outside. And unless it is freezing, and sometimes even then, I will be outside. I do my carving, building, playing, everything I possibly can outside. So that is where you will find me most of the time. When I am not outside I am at my little desk working at some project on the lappy. Could be a design for a piece of furniture or a sketch of a proposed carving or painting. I also love photoshop, my last project was removing the rider from a horse and reconstructing the saddle. It was a challenge.

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There is a Tudor style building on my college campus with a positively incredible surrounding garden. Trellis with grape vine, flowers, stone benches, a fountain… it’s the most nature I get in the city, so I really love it there. I go and just sit there when I need to relax. I’d love to get married there someday if my (hypothetical) fiance had any connection to the college or city.

In general I feel at home in woods.

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My best friend’s apartment.

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Hot steam shower + folk music.

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My bed, it’s all soft and it smells nice in there. I also love hiking on the outskirts of my town, and hanging around by the waterfalls, or in the bike trails.
Except in Summer there’s always people there, it’s way better to go in Autumn and Winter. It’s all special and magic and shit. There’s trees everywhere. Not a soul. Nobody. It kicks ass. But one time a few weeks ago I went there and some creepy bitch with a bubble coat was…oh wait no, that was me.

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Sleep has always been my saviour, my escape.
But if we’re talkin real, physical places, then I always go to the kitchen.
@Symbeline PILLOWS!! :D

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