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What will get blood stains out of carpet?

Asked by chyna (39851points) December 30th, 2012

As asked.

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You should have just gotten the red carpet like I told you.

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Have you been dating again?

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Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing blood stains.

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Possibly if you get to the stain really quickly, some hydrogen peroxide. I know it works well on cotton sheets; the dense pile of a rug may make it more difficult.

Soap and cold water perhaps, and lots of blotting.

(Just what have you been up to, anyway?)

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Wouldn’t peroxide bleach the carpet? It’s a light green.
@gailcalled Jessie cut her paw outside and walked all around the kitchen and living room before I noticed.
nothing to see here folks, move along

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Try a test spot somewhere safe like under a piece of furniture that you are never planning on moving.

Try a mild soap and cold water and lots of blotting with towels that have a thick nap. (Of course, you then have to get the blood stains out of the towels.)

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If it’s fresh I’d try dishwashing soap and water. It might take some scrubbing but it should work.

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Oxy clean or hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide not Oxy-Clean. Oxy-clean will have other things leftover and may not be good for Jessie.

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—-Hope Jesse is okay, poor puppy!—

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Thanks all, the cold water and dishwashing soap seems to be working.
@Coloma Jessie seems fine now, thanks.

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It depends how serious a problem you are having, but if necessary, and you absolutely have to get rid of the evidence blood, you can burn the place down. ;-)

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I just used a lysol wipe and it got it out without a problem, however it was fresh blood

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Glad your pup is okay! Kind of disappointed this wasn’t some nefarious situation. :p

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Shampoo. It’s great at stripping oils & other agents off hair. It’s great with blood. How much blood are we talking?

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Revenge. : )

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Repeated soakings with cold water and dryings with absorbant material is best.

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Shout detergent always works for me. I think this page might be helpful:

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@chyna: You expect us to believe your unlikely story? Shame on you, making Jessie be the fall guy.

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@gailcalled It’s called “preparing your story in advance.” Shhh.

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