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Is the age distribution on Fluther skewed toward those who are older?

Asked by LostInParadise (23503points) January 1st, 2013

It seems to me that there are a good number here over the age of 50, at least among the more frequent contributors. Being in that age range myself, I have no complaints, though a more even distribution would be preferable. Fluther is the only Q&A site that I have been on that has a minimum age requirement. I don’t know if that has any overall impact other than the obvious one of eliminating those who are younger than 13.

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I can’t remember now…we had this question before, I think most are in the 30–40 range. There is a way I think to check.

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I thought there were more under 20’s than other ages, but I haven’t counted.

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I’m one of the older jellies. We seem to get a lot of teens/early twenties here. Is it possible that the average might be in the 30–40 range because of a large number below 20 and another large number above 50?

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The median age here is definitely older than on the average website, by my perception.

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Nobody is asked for a CV on joining. We never had to state our age, sex, race, location, or anything else. So any so-called information would have to be conjecture, wouldn’t it? Probably the best source is just anecdotal based on personal observation.

Bearing in mind the way that 5k and even 10k milestones occur for jellies I swear I’ve never seen before, meaning that we follow very different paths through the site, I’d say the distribution is pretty even. Yes, there are a lot of seniors. But there are also an awful lot of people suffering from middle school romantic dilemmas, plagued with college and career choices, struggling with young and middle parenthood, etc. If it seems to one person that there’s a large number of geriatric cases, perhaps it seems to another that there’s a high incidence of questions and answers from extremely youthful contributors.

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I always thought it was a younger group in general, I mean late teens to early 30’s. Funny how we see the same things differently. But maybe what @Jeruba says is true, we follow different paths and rarely come into contact with some jellies. I don’t usually respond to the childhood romance or dream questions!

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Shit, the old guy off Monster House is in da…err, house!!
Be considerate of the old buggers, they may type slowly, but they get there in the end ;¬}

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I thought the average age was about 14. And that’s not including @AstroChuck

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Well if we’re counting mental age…

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@Jeruba makes a good point. I have also noticed people reaching 10k or 15k lurve who I do not ever remember coming across. Maybe we form different communities of askers and answerers. In the real world, there are a number of factors that, to a greater or lesser degree, affect who we associate with: geography, age, income level, education level and church affiliation to name just a few. There are mathematical techniques for identifying different subnetworks within a larger connection network. I wonder if anyone ever did an analysis of Fluther or any other social network to see to what extent online communities mirror real world communities or if there are other factors that come into play.

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Funny….I perceive it to be much more of a mostly younger crowd and from what I think I know, would say that the 50 and over crowd seems to be the smallest denomination.
I like the diversity of everyone but, admittedly, am not too thrilled with the membership age being only 13. I guess I am rather conservative when it comes to mixing really young teens in with a bunch of adults, but that’s just me.
I like the idea of helping teens but am not too thrilled with really young kids being exposed to what I consider mature subject matters.

That’s just my feeling, but hey…it is what it is. You can take the woman out of the mom but it’s hard to take the mom out of the women. lol

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It may be my imagination, but I think a good chunk of what comprised the younger Fluther population migrated. We also receive, from my completely un-scientifik observations, any new users who are younger that usually don’t stick around for very long.

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It seems that the active users do tend to be a little older. There are quite a few of us youngins too I think (20s), and probably a ton of users that are under, say, 18, who registered but never used the site again….

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It’s a pretty decent cross-section, I think. We probably skew a little older than the average website, but there are plenty of young people about, too. Quantcast makes some estimates, but since we don’t track ages here I’m not sure where they get the info from.

According to Quantcast, we do skew toward a more educated group than average.

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I’m one of the younger members of the collective, and I think I’ve come across a lot more older people than anyone my own age.
A lot of the time I’ll assume someone is a lot older than they are, and they end up being like 15. @Mariah knows what I’m talking about :)

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so young.

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According to the quantcast estimates, fluther skews young. Very young. But I don’t know how they make their estimates, and whether they are based on anything real.

I would say there is plenty of balance here, agewise. Good thing, too.

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Where is the Geritol? ? ?

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It landed somewhere in your front yard when you threw it at @Mariah & @AshLeigh , who were trespassing on your lawn. ;-)

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Young whippersnappers.

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Get that Geritol off my lawn!!!

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Hey, I just splinted my 53 year old thumb for the night. Look out young’uns Trigger finger…it’s a comin’, one small part at a time. lol

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Like @Coloma I perceive it to have a lot of teenagers and young 20 somethings. But what the hell do I know? I’m one of the old ones.

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I think it is a mixed bag. I am 50 but consider myself 32.

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And a hot 32 she is, I’d say!

And like I said on my other question, I’m 56 but I think I’m 20!

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I’m 17, but I think I’m seven?

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I’m 66 but I consider myself prenatal. That’s mostly because I’m considered a strong case for retroactive abortion.

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I’m 64 going on 17!

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^^^ Us Boomers, we never really grow up. lol
Born to be wiiiiild….:-D

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And I’m six, of course.

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Pachyderms, especially ones living in rooms equipped with a wireless network and a very large high-def TV, can live up to 70 years.

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I get the impression that mature (either physically or emotionally) users tend ti stick around and be regulars in higher numbers than at other internet sites is due to the language standards upheld by Fluther.

Those who are much younger or less mature lose patience for the necessity of writing in complete sentences rather than txtspk :) And that annoyance of needing to use punctuation and capitalize sentence beginnings can be sooo annoying :)

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Those who are much younger or less mature lose patience for the necessity of writing in complete sentences rather than txtspk :)

Good point- that’s why I waited until I was a sexagenarian to join. ;-)

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Well…I’ve known a few 50 year olds that are 3rd grade spellers. haha

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And I know some thirty year olds who are fifth grade spellers. Teehee.

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And I know a 30 year old who acts 50 and spells like a 3rd grader. Hoho.

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Being over 50, I have been seeking a forum with emotionally mature members who are intelligent and write grammatically correct sentences/posts. This has not been an easy task as most forums I have checked out seem to have much younger folks who seem to write in text speak and/or run-on sentences, etc. I tend to feel very annoyed by these kinds of short cuts in writing.

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