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How was 2012 for you, personally?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 2nd, 2013

How was the year 2012 for you, personally? Was it a good year? Bad year? Meh?

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It really was not a great year at all, one of my most trying years all round. I suffered health issues, money issues, friendship issues My ex husband passed away. He was a dear friend. . But you know I learned so much and I gained so much. I’ve become far more spiritual than before. I have also learned new skills and what I want to do with my life. So not sure, perhaps it was an illuminating year! Awesome question.

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Pretty damn good. Ended a long run of depression, got a new job, lost the baby weight (ok, the Duncan Hines weight), got rid of a bum organ that was causing me way too much pain, and resumed a civil relationship with my younger brother.

Happily anticipating an awesome 2013.

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Meh. No big ups and the downs were no surprise. The woman I’d been in a strange relationship with moved away for job reasons. Money continues to be tight. Kids are great, they each had a great summer. No one in the family or close to me passed away.

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Best year of my life so far. Ended a long term relationship that had become toxic, defended my M.A., figured out a sweet PhD topic that is important and inspiring to me, received my first grant, got to (all too briefly) reconnect with one of the loves of my life whom I figured I would never see again, keeping in better touch with far flung friends and making new local friends, published my first article, oh yeah and I have muscles, facial hair, and a nice baritone now.
I sure am glad I didn’t kill myself between the ages of 13 and… 23.

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It was just OK.

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@bookish1 Me too. You’re way too awesome for the grave.

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@Shippy: AND you found Fluther! :)

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@Seek_Kolinahr : Thank you! Sure feels nice to enjoy living.

@jca: I forgot, I found Fluther this year too! How was this past year for you?

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I’ve had better years, but no one tried to kill me so I have had worse too.

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I can’t remember anything like really significant so I guess it was just meh or whatever.

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For me, the first half was fine. The second half was weird, with Hurricane Sandy and being out of my house for 8 days straight (fortunately, stayed at a friend’s time share in a nice area so that was like a vacation, in a way). Then came back and all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving, then we faced layoffs at work (which did not affect me personally, but it affected my friends and coworkers). After that, which killed my Christmas spirit, there was the Newtown tragedy. Newtown is a town that is about 20 minutes from me, and I am involved in some groups there and I have good friends that live there, so I am in the town at least a few times per month. Then my 15 year old cat had to be put to sleep. Between the holidays coming up way too fast thanks to Hurricane Sandy, and then the Newtown and cat being put to sleep and layoffs at work, just made me in a “meh” mood for the past few weeks.

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My “little boy” started college & my “little girl” hit her teens, where do the bloody years go?
I’m a huge sports fan & so the London Olympics has to feature heavily in my memories of 2012, what an awesome performance from Team GB, proud of them all.
Looking ahead to a fine 2013, don’t count the days, make the days count.

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A year of BIG change.
“Difficult” is how I would describe it.

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@bookish1 Don’t forget that hot French guy, AND you joined Fluther and we’re happy you’re here.

@MilkyWay Here’s hoping 2013 is gonna rock for you!

My 2012 was mostly just meh. This year will be better!

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A roller coaster.

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@WillWorkForChocolate : Oh, I haven’t forgotten, trust me!!! He made the list ^^ And thank you, I’m glad Fluther exists and I am glad to have discovered it! I hope 2013 will be a great year for you.

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Not the best. Things went from bad to worse overall. I am hopeful that they will get better this year though, since many changes are likely to happen.

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Up and down. Survived a year of graduate study, left my old job to work as a Teaching Associate for far less pay, and my relationship with my SO’s parents tanked. I am hoping that even though 2013 is sure to be just as, if not more, insane than 2012, that it will ultimately be better.

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Scary and stressful.

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Overall, great. I made a lot of friends, entered into a new really great relationship, got a car for free, got a new bike! (only cause my old one got stolen, but every cloud has a silver lining I guess and this bike is way better!), my cat lost several pounds, and I got my first one bedroom apartment which I relish every day!

The only downside of the year was that medically and physically speaking I didn’t do so well, I hurt myself about seventeen times this summer semi seriously. I drank too much during the summer months also (hence the injuries) an STD, and got pregnant, but those are all in the past and not a big deal anymore. Yuck sorry if that’s too much info.

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Pretty damn good.

Had weekends off for the first time in five years. Did some new freelance design work. Got a new FT job. Finally getting caught up on bills. Wife and daughter are still amazing.

I’m not complaining.

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” – seriously. A really high and low year as it was my first year of flying solo in 37 years. I had wonderful triumphs, made great new friends, lost weight, went camping, traveled to Paris alone and became a key member of the walking group I joined. And I have had moments and hours of panic and gut-wrenching pain. The feeling that I may not have romantic love again in my life makes me very sad.

I am hoping I can establish myself on a more even keel in 2013 with more of the highs and less of the lows.

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Financially, it was an awful year.

Then again, how can I complain about a year where my deaf wife got an implant to help her hear things she has never heard before?

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Pretty good for me personally. Renewed my relationship, became more successful in school. Have better opportunities ahead of me. Not so good for my grandparents :( It’s been a hard year for them; they both lost siblings this year.

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2012 was a difficult year for me personally. I had to deal with a very difficult situation, but I came out the other end and I’ve grown as a person as a result. So, it had its ups and downs.
I made some pretty big life changes and took up things I’ve wanted to do for years.
I’m so glad to be in a fresh, new year though :)

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Good year.

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Fine. I no longer allow bad days, much less an entire year.

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I found fluther! How bad could it be?

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Interesting is the first word that comes to mind when describing my 2012. It was absolutely fascinating.

I was sued no fewer then three times (all three with positive outcomes for me) – one Monday I started the day in a courthouse in one county and ended it in a courthouse in another. I was visited by the police a couple of times, was challenged to a throw in front of my kids by my ex-sister-in-law, and received further and more indisputable proof that the smartest move I ever made was divorcing my ex-husband.

I loved watching my boys grow and thrive, and develop some of the closest relationships they have ever had, and I finished coursework (finally) for my degree. I am finally understanding my spirituality and trying to mature spiritually every day. In the end I wouldn’t change much about 2012 because I learned so much and got to experience it all with the love of my life by my side.

Here’s to a fabulous 2013 for one and all!

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It had its ups and downs.

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It was the first year in a long time that nobody died on me, so that was good. On the other hand, I spent it mostly alone and that was very sad and depressing. I bought myself some nice things since no woman wants me to spend money on them, though.

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@mrentropy I do! lol

Well…lets see, financially it was a bust, but, my new adopted cat has been with me for a year now and survived a rattlesnake bite in July.
He is the best guy ever and now weighs almost 18 lbs. after being a big but skinny shelter cat. :-)
My summer plants and garden were spectacular, Marwyn my goose turned 14, and I’ve had some great laughs.
On the down side I am really worried about my cash flow and I have developed a painful case of “Trigger Finger”...A tendon condition, not from going on a shooting spree from all my gardening and watering chores.

No shooting sprees yet anyway. ;-p
If it gets really bad I’ll just overdose on the Happy Brownies and drown myself in my hot tub. Guess who bought the farm! lol

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I can’t complain about 2012. I worked too hard but that’s really the only real down of it. Looking forward to an even better 2013.

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2012 was 50–50. It went well financially. Had some health issues in Oct. but got better sooner than I expected.

The saddest thing happened on Dec. 26 at 9.37PM, my beloved 10-yo dog passed away in my arms. I had him since he was a pup and he was my buddy, he’d be by my side all the time and had developed a way of communicating that only people that communicate with their pets can understand. I have four more dogs, but obviously no other dog can replace him. I miss him dearly :(

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^^^ Awww…so sorry.

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@Yeahright Sorry to hear that. I had to have my sweet doggy put to sleep the day after Halloween this past year. Sucks.

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It was the best of years; it was the worst of years.

Twas brillig and the slithy toves…

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I think the year was good for me…I spent a couple of semesters in my PhD program and worked a very boring summer. We met ends, financially. My kids grew some more, the oldest began 1st grade. I had a lot of happy moments.

I identified the depths of my eating disorder, was suicidal several times, went into hypnotherapy. Some months later, I hit a really low point and then changed things around. I worked really hard, again, and am in recovery. I quit my meds, I quit therapy, I quit all of it. And I am all right. I am all right.

I had some interesting dating experiences but focused more on my studies. I figure out my PhD topic and published a book review. I am glad to have my best friend in school with me. Everything is good with my partner and nobody died. Sandy was awful.

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I was sued no fewer then three times (all three with positive outcomes for me)...was challenged to a throw in front of my kids by my ex-sister-in-law….

I swear, if your year was on TV, I’d watch it.

Since it probably won’t be, would you mind sharing some of the details concerning the above?

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I’ll remember 2012 as the year of the good, the bad and the ugly with far more bad and ugly than good.

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Way more good happened in 2012 than not for me. Finally got the divorce finalized, moved to a new state away from a place I despised, went back to school, met an amazing new guy, my kids are much happier in the new place, lost 40 pounds, got a huge job offer… My life took a 180 turn for the better. There were challenges- financial difficulties, changes in perspectives and my cat running away and being unfound, but the difficulties were welcome when compared to the positive changes. I’m hoping that 2013 will see the work I started come to fruition.

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It was pretty shitty, honestly. Some high points, but mostly some really low lows.

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Worst year of my life so far. One of my closest friends committed suicide in June, a good friend (possibly accidentally; possibly on purpose) OD’d in July, I got laid off in February and have not found a new job, my roomie (and good friend) also got laid off and can’t pay me so now I’m super behind on rent and tuition for next semester. And my grandmother passed away on Tuesday, so not an awesome beginning to 2013.

Good things that happened were getting engaged to my guy, deciding to finish my graduate degree, and reaffirming that my best friend loves me and I him. I had messed up our relationship years ago by not firmly controlling my contempt for his boyfriend, but we are all good now.

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It was an unremarkable year, for the most part. While I am overall very happy, I am starting to experience health and pain issues I’ve never had previously.

I know several people for whom it was a horrible year, though, even before Hurricane Sandy traumatized our area.

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@hearkat Yes – and now Congress won’t vote on the aid bill!!

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We can take care of ourselves in the Northeast. We don’t need the help of the rest of the country.

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It was a bit of a mix for me. Financially, it was much better than 2011 – my partner was unemployed for most of 2011 but got a job towards the end of that year, so that eased the money worries. But I have some ongoing health concerns that, while neither disabling nor life-threatening, are still quite serious and long-term/permanent. I should add that the health issues are unconnected with my transition, which is still going excellently well).

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2012 sucked. I’m so glad it’s over so I can start accumulating shitty experiences in 2013 that I can curse this time next year.

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Up and down. Lost my job in March, but in December I decided to retire and stop the madness.

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Oh..I completely forgot to mention though that I just found out I have almost 10k in unclaimed assets in the unclaimed zone of the CA. State Controllers office! Yippee! :-D

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It’s been disappointing and stressful for the most part. My Christian parents are still giving me shit for having got into a relationship with not just a muslim girl (I say girl, but she is 26) but one with mental health issues. Those health issues of hers are not a jot on the shit that I have faced from the folks who have just been a pain in the ass since the whole thing started in January last year. I’ve resented their opinions and their seemingly horridly narrow minds for their approach to my relationship with someone that I care greatly about.
My 93 year old grandfather’s alzheimer’s is now so bad he doesn’t remember what day of the week it is almost every half hour and he can’t even operate a TV. He still remembers who I am though, which is a good thing.
I’ve been unemployed for seriously far too long, life has been very static in that respect despite any and all attempts to gain meaningful employment. I don’t think there is much positive to say about last year. I live in hope that maybe this year will be much better.

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@Coloma – So you’re taking me with you for the five-star spa getaway?

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@hearkat haha…sure!

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