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How was 2011 for you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33023points) December 25th, 2011

What events made your year good or bad? What do you wish you could live again and what forget?

I got to visit family on the mainland, which was fun. I directed a play for the first time, and it was reviewed as “brilliant” in the local press, making me very happy. I’ve been very sick for the last 2 weeks, so the year is going out with a whimper.

Those were the highlights of my year.


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It was a year of transitions and moving. First, we moved in May. Then, in July, we cleared out my mother-in-law’s house and moved her into assisted living. Those were some harrowing months while we were getting her to accept the decision. We are so much more relieved now to know that she is being watched over and cared for since she was showing signs of dementia.

I don’t feel like I got to be very introspective this year. it was more about going along with the flow.

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Other than repetitive doctor visits, 2011 was a good year. I spent the entire year with my Vicky, we continued to work on getting out home the way we want it, I got to ride two long trips on my Harley, and the cancer and diabetes both seemed to be under control. The only real downside to the year was that my children and grandchildren still live in North Carolina, about 1,200 miles away.

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It’s been a year of financial difficulty as my partner was out of work for most of the year, but the good thing has been finally getting to start my medical transition.

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2011 was banal for me, just another revolution around the sun. (yawn)

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2011 brought some losses and changes for me. I lost 2 pets, one to old age and one to illness, chose to let go of two friends that had become toxic, and, I have been laying low conserving the cash since my work has been very hit and miss.

No vacations and staying home a lot to save money.

All in all 2011 was a rather frumpy year, but, I’m not complaining, I had 5 amazing years, sooo, a frump year was due. lol

@Hawaii_Jake Feel better soon, I have had a sinus infection for the last 11 days, slowly feeling better, slowly. :-)

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@Hawaii_Jake Congrats on your successful play. I wonder if you might be interested in some book reading while you are recuperating. I’m reading Stephen King’s latest book about this modest English professor who travelled back in 1958 to try to stop Oswald from killing Kennedy. Back there he also did some teaching and directed student plays. I won’t tell you how it went but I have a feeling you might relate with his character in a pleasing way. Check it out.

2011 was not a very good year for me. My 80 year old friend passed away and not in a manner he deserved.

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Worst fuckIng year of my life.. Lots of shit happened that changed who I am. Nevertheless, I got to get to know the love of my life whom I helplessly willingly fell for, so then again this year is fucking great.

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It’s been a year of ups and downs my end. I moved house which turned out to be wonderful. I made some great new friends. I got a new job recently which is probably one of the highlights of my year.
On the downside, I’ve been dealing with a bad bout of depression and am having a relapse with anorexia which I’m finding it quite tough to get a handle on as I thought that I’d moved on from that, but with some hard work I’m sure 2012 is going to be a more positive year for me.

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I discovered Fluther on January 2, 2011!!!! That makes it a special year already.

I learned things about myself this year that made me think I’ve been sleepwalking for the past 10 years. There have been a lot of emotional ups and downs.

I have made new friends that I think will be lifelong friends.

Work has been stressful and I have needed to stand up for myself like never before.
I am continuing to learn more about using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to help me in my work and I am improving my drawing skills.

2011 will be a year I will always remember.
BTW, HawaiiJake Thank you for a PM you sent to encourage me during one of those down times when I really needed it! You are the best!
Happy New Year and Congratulations on the success of your play!

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2011 for me wasn’t a good year overall :(
I sustained a major injury to my ankle, missed quite a few weeks of school, had to spend the holidays catching up, got bullied at school…
But on the plus side I did get very good marks for my exams, and moved house to my home city.

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2010 was such shit that I knew at its close 2011 was going to present much brighter prospects. I started a relationship with my significant other and though we have had some down periods, we have worked through everything thus far and very happy together. I graduated with a BA in English and enrolled in a graduate program to work toward my MA, which is also going well. I traveled to Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Virginia—all places I had never been to before (and saw snow for the first time!) I struggled with insomnia during the summer, but received the patient encouragement of my loved ones through its duration. I have grown very close to my significant other’s younger sister – a relationship I also treasure. I have learned how to cook a little, have started exercising (though its hard staying dedicated to a routine), and have read some amazing literature, seen some amazing films and plays, and laughed a lot.

It was a good year. 2012 will be even better.

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2011 has been uneventful which was a pleasant change after the previous five years.

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2011 was both great and difficult—the year started with being severely abused on NYE, which was the last straw. The first half of the year was one long process of getting therapy, planning my separation/divorce, making sure my kids were safe. I joined Fluther on April 12 and it was the best place I could’ve found—I met wonderful friends here that I hope I get to keep with me for a long, long time! During that time, good things did happen- my performing group got a tour date in DC, my cheerleaders won a midwest region championship and I finished 6 classes towards my MA.

The second half was so much better!! I got a new vehicle in my name which enabled me to make the ex move out, got the divorce proceedings started, my kids have shown great progress in healing and becoming more positive, work is much more positive, I finished 3 more MA classes and have 1 to go to be all done, went through two major emotion crashes but got through with almost no collateral damage, met someone who inspired me to start writing and painting again, wrote 5 poems (first since 2002!) and unloaded 5 van-loads of excess at Goodwill over the last month. Yahoo!

I sure do look forward to 2012!

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Can’t really complain at all. I remember more good moments than bad and even the bad moments weren’t too bad. Fingers crossed I’ll be saying the same come this time next year.

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The first part wasn’t too bad but the good times ended with a crash on Thanksgiving Day. I don’t want to go too far into it but it involves a couple near death experiences (no light at the end of the tunnel) and a miserable Christmas.

If 2012 isn’t any better, I’m checking out of here!

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2011 was a stay-the-course year for me.
We are in pretty good shape health and prosperity-wise, having enough and a little more.

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It was essentially a good year for me, personally. Some of my family members are still unemployed, after more than a year, which is a real burden for us all.

My Mother In Law decided to move into an assisted living home, after a year of looking. She chose a national chain called Merrill Gardens, and they were building a brand new facility in the area she wanted to live. She became one of their premier tenants, and she loves being the unofficial Hostess for the new tenants. Her initial contract allows some privileges that others don’t have, such as reduced rent. She tested it with a friend who contacted the facility about moving in and discovered that the friend would have to pay $200 a month more than she does.

I got a new tenant, my grandson’s girlfriend Lady M, and she is a very pleasant addition to the household. We rescued the cutest little dog from being abandoned when the owners moved away, and the dog has taken a liking to M.

The best part of having her here is that my Son’s wife has quit coming over as often because she is so jealous of my good relationship with my new granddaughter in law. It spoils her whole complaint about the MIL from Hell – and makes it clear that she is the DIL from Hell instead. She has stayed away ever since I told her not to use foul language in my house.

The best part of the year is being with my preschool grandkids every weekend and often during the week as well. I just love having those two darlings to play with. The hardest part of that is watching them grow up. I miss the babies.

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I completely sucked at my phonetics and phonology exam and my ex broke up with me and just after a month another guy came into my life and I’m now thinking if he just wanna fuck me. It’s like everything happening now is repeating what has happened in the past.

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It was a little mixed.

On the family front, my son moved out of home in not the best circumstances. That still worries and upsets me, but he is doing fine. My brother and sister-in-law visited our country and I hadn’t seen them for over 23 years. Later, for the first time in the same length of time, I went home to my birth country and saw family (some probably for the last time). I showed my husband around my country. It was very special.

Work was crazy. I learned lots and achieved much but I hope 2012 is quieter. I want 2012 to be about regaining more work-life balance. My husband’s business is doing great which considering the global economy, is fantastic. My daughter started a new job and loves it. My other daughter is happy at work and my son… is a work-in-progress.

It was a time of natural disasters too in my part of the world. Floods, cyclones and earthquakes. So sad to see Christchurch suffering another earthquake just prior to Christmas. I hope things settle for our Kiwi friends. Darwin and the top end were on Cyclone watch but it missed Darwin and doesn’t seem to have caused major damager. A good thing. And it isn’t raining here this year, so no floods on the horizon. Great news.

All-in-all, I can’t really complain. We are all healthy and happy and doing okay. Not a bad outcome.

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Wow yeah 2011 is almost over. It was very uneventful. No high lights, no low lights.

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2011 was a lot of planning, change, work and hurry up and wait but it was also very fulfilling. I wish I’d kept up my daily calendar because we crammed a bunch into this year and we’re still not done. The highlights were getting engaged on New Year’s Eve of 2010, getting married Nov. 2011 and our fabulous honeymoon. Both of us feel we’ve gotten to enjoy things we previously felt had either passed us by or were for other people, luckier people.

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I am glad 2011 is almost over. There are people I care about a whole lot who truly believed May 21 was Judgement Day and October 21 was to be the end of the world without any doubt in their minds at all, even when it was looking even more and more unlikely to them. I am so glad that is over. I’ve been looking forward to 2012 for a while now, but I am looking even more forward to 2013.

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Yep, and we’re in for the 2012 hype, solar storms that wipe out all communication on earth, the California super storm, the apocalypse according to the mayan calender, on & on, I know someone that is convinced the rapture is coming. lol

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Yep. It’s even worse these days because of Facebook. I remember my news feed still leading up to May 21st, that very day, and after. Many people shared their opinions… whether they believed it, didn’t, or weren’t sure. It caused quite the drama. :)

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