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Can you help finish what we started?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) June 8th, 2008

Robmandu had this awesome idea to make a muxtape. Problem is we only got six songs and then the question slowly vanished into oblivion. So far it sounds awesome, we just need six more songs. Please no repeat posters, i love the whole idea of a very diverse play list with each song coming from a different user.

– One upload per Flutherite.
– Music only, no jokes or bits or commercials, etc.
– Respect the Muxtape terms of service.
– Total of 12 songs is the maximum allowed.

Access Info:
– user name = fluthermusic
– password = fluther”

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12 Answers

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I just uploaded ‘King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1’ by Neutral Milk Hotel

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I just uploaded Bad Astronaut – The “F” Word

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I uploaded Seashell by Seabear

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I uploaded my all time favorite song Bure Bure (its a Persian song with a little Hindi in it)

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Awesome song PnL

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thank you! it’s also my ringtone for a couple of years now. haha can you tell i really like that song? :P

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@shockvalue is all of Seabear’s music like this? I really like this song too.

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Yes most of it is, if you wish can send you a link to the LP. Some of the other songs on it are a little slower, but still just as good.

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I Just uploaded Magic Mushroom By 1200 Mics

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@iceblu, yours is the last, that is, the twelfth song. Well done!

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And a repeat thanks to all contributors. All y’all rock!

Now I got my soundtrack for Flutherin’ (and apparently, for watching the WWDC).

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@robmandu Your welcome and i hope you like it =] This is a fabulous idea, I’m glad i was apart of it.

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