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Why do guys think that the number part of a bra size has anything to do with boob size?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) June 8th, 2008

Bra sizes consist of a number and a letter, for example, 32A. The number refers to the width of a girl’s body directly below her boobs; it has nothing to do with the size of her boobs – it is simply indicative of her body size. Yet, I always hear people referring to how they love “36Cs.”

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They are obviously misinformed or uninformed and in error.

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Because they dont teach us guys these things in school. That was when they always split up health class and the girls learned about boobies and their va-jay-jay and the guys learned about their didliwho. In all honesty i just learned like a year ago how the whole bra size thing works.

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I don’t think that. I’m a guy.

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uber’s technical terminology has me rofl. And guys might have a preference between big and small but if they are in existence it’s good enough for us. 36,19,66 nobody really cares. We just want to see naked boobies.

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It may have to do with body proportions to a certain extent. If a woman had a 30” frame with a D cup, she would probably have to have her spine reinforced with titanium or something, either that or wear a backpack filled with bricks around everywhere. The 34–36 range is usually indicative of the right proportions for a C cup to look about right I’m guessing.

That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of clueless guys out there who probably think a 66C would look great…

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i think gorilla paws in onto something. i read that its hardwired into our genes that men are attracted to women with a waist 70% the size of their own. maybe theres something to do with the proportion of the part under the breasts.

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they think the bigger the better

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No blood in my head. Not that head. Well you know.

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i love 36C’s…..

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surely your example of 36 c actually refers to breast size.

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oh course, what else would i think it is, the nipple size? XD

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@lightlyseared: Well, the C part does. Why not just say they love Cs?

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@gorillapaws: “That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of clueless guys out there who probably think a 66C would look great…” Haha, yeah, well that’s exactly what I mean.

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The cup size is calculated in proportion to the body size, so a 30C is much the same as a 36C in proportion. If you’re talking just about the size of breasts then a 30D could be the same size as a 36B. (I have no idea if that’s right, I’m pulling examples from the air.)
Catching my drift?

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The number refers to the measurement of the ribcage, right below the breasts and while it is somewhat indicative of the woman’s proportion, how much flab there is hanging off that ribcage (yes, i know I paint such a lovely picture, but that’s what they are!) isn’t directly proportionate of the overall size (for example, a body-builder will have a wide ribcage, but not much flab hanging off it).
Also, I believe there are some general trends depending on genetics. I was discussing this with a friend of mine recently and we agreed that for us, Nordic/Scandinavian women, buying tops, bras, jackets in Ireland is a pain because Irish women tend to have smaller/narrower upper bodies (as in bone structure, not fat). I’m fairly certain there are general trends that characterize women of various countries – but of course, there’s always exceptions to every rule, so it’s not absolute.

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The number does have something to do with the appearance of breast size. A 32B will look way different from a 38B. I’m a 32D, but I look like a C because of my small rib cage. But why expect a guy to know about this stuff anyway? Just as long as he knows what your size is so you can get nifty gifts from Victoria’s Secret, everything should be fine.

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A D cup on a 32 woman is not the same as a D cup on a 36 woman. The most popular desired size is 36C sized breasts aka breasts a 36C woman would have. To get those, I’d have to wear a 32 DD.

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I always thought the number was around the body and breasts at the largest point. I had no idea it was under the breasts. Thank you for the education.

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Gadzooks, guys are confused by the numbers because women are confused that women like her →, her →, and her → don’t need bras, they can skip it and save the money.

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