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the radiation causes heat and the popcorn pops. i also know someone who did a science fair project similar to this, but instead of corn they used an egg. it turned hardboiled in less than an hour. its amazing how much radiation is emitted through cellphones and there should be a ban on certain models.

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Damn you, now I’ve got to go try this, be back in 30.

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I watched them, that is seriously scary.

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Ha, My phone is OFF, and is staying OFF from now on. That isn’t going to happen to my brain, no sir.

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You guys are too naive. It’s all staged.

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Freaking right, man I tried like 8 times. :( bummer

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Look at this!

Nothing even happened. ;(


No man. Its real. A friend of my cousin said he saw it happen. Cell phones are dangerous. I really think you can get cancer from using them too much!

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A friend of your cousins? Are you for real. “A friend of a friend of a friend said…”
Don’t condemn without investigation. I’m telling you this is BS. If you don’t believe me just wait. I’m sure Mythbusters will be doing this one.

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@crunchaweezy did you use 4 cell phones?

AstroChuck- You are right Mythbusters needs to do this one.
(Loved the mentos cannons!)

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this is absolutely insane. thank god our brains arent made of popcorn.

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@ezraglenn: Wait, what? (pop, pup, pop, splat!)

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I’m seriously craving popcorn right about now…

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There’s a good chance it is a hoax, but cellphones do emit radiation, and the more I think about it the scarier it is.

If it is a hoax, how do they do it?

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Using a laser? Probably easier than it looks.

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Lasers can do that???

According to Snopes it is a hoax.

Great question, kept me busy for a while.

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Sure, lasers can heat objects up.

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a popcorn pops when the water contained inside the kernel steams. That’s pretty hot. There is no way a phone can emit that much radiation ( microwaves) don’t drink the kool aid, this is a total farce. Besides it would be on every news mag show on tv.


But I like kool aid.

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