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What in your opinion is the strangest thing you ever ate?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 5th, 2013

Mine was warthog stew, delicious I might add, a bit like oxtail. Plus zebra steak. I used to go to a lot of Game Ranches in the old days.

These days I probably wouldn’t be quite so adventurous. What has been your most strange culinary experience to date?

Would you put it on the Chefs recommendation list?

(I’ve also swallowed a few flies, but that was by yawning!)

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Beaver anal glands.

They are what provides the “natural flavouring” in most vanilla ice cream

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For some reason I picture zebra steak only ever being chargrilled.

I did try alligator as a chip shop had it here for a short time and a friend had got it. They apparently used to do shark, ostrich and a few other things that I have managed to forget now. Would I recommend it to a chef? Im not sure as I can’t remember much about it as it was just the odd bite and they stopped selling it so I would need to try again.

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Milk from the mammary glands of cows.
Dead chicken.
Pieces of pig, sliced thin and fried in a pan.

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Durian fruit. It has a very strong rotten smell. At work I was dared to eat a bite of it. Strangely it isn’t bad once it is in you mouth and you can get past the slimy texture.

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^I didn’t care for the dhurian, the flesh looked and felt too much like a preserved fetal pig. And the smell, of course.

A certain species of live termite in Belize. Tastes like spearmint.

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@tom_g I can pretty much guarantee that tomorrow morning when I walk to the shop to buy the newspaper that I will smell that sliced pig being cooked and I will immediately feel jealous of them.

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Feijoada – A Brazilian National dish… first part of the recipe:

½ lb. (250 gr.) pork ribs, salted
½ lb. (250 gr.) pig’s tail, salted
½ lb. (250 gr.) pig’s foot, salted
½ lb. (250 gr.) pig’s ear, salted
½ lb. (250 gr.) pork loin, salted…

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I got a jar of pickled pig’s feet for my birthday one year. They weren’t as good as I hoped they would be. I only ate one out of the whole batch..

I also tried scorpion before. I tasted more like dirt and grass but it wasn’t too bad.

I eat gator tail all the time and they’re delicious! Some people think those are strange but they seem pretty normal to me since everyone else around here eats them.

I also tried escargot at some fancy restaurant. I don’t understand why so many people are grossed out by snail, I think it’s delicious. I just wish it was easier to find a restaurant that actually has them.

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Lion’s mane mushrooms are kind of weird. Very mushy. Okra is pretty gross. All slimy. But of all things I’ve ever eaten, I guess I think Eggplant is the strangest. It has the weirdest flavor and texture, and it made me throw up when I was a kid. Even now, I get nauseated.

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• Wild boar stew
• Curried goat
• Rabbit wrapped in a pig’s stomach lining
• Braised pork bellies

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It is either the alligator po boy I had in a restaurant near Atlanta or a red pudding supper I had one night in Carnoustie.

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Something masquerading as chicken at a Kenny Rogers restaurant in Beijing.

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Water buffalo stew, file snakes, croc meat, emu, green ants, bush tomatoes, there are so many strange things to eat when you go fossicking in the bush with an aboriginal.

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I sucked green sea snails in brine while at an asian night market. Yes, I was semi-drunk already, with TsingTao in the other hand. lol
I could not try the fried duck heads…no,no,no.
I am not an exotic meat type…gag, I was once upset because I was fed Elk Raviole without my consent haha

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Chicken feet. I had them first in Hong Kong and then at a local dim sum restaurant with a former student of mine. She order for us by waving the girl with the cart on or off. She had just the slightest twinkle in her eye as she waved, “yes” to the chicken feet. They have little appeal to me because they have neither good flavor or texture. However, I used chopsticks to dunk them in sauce and eat them, removing the bones from my mouth with the chopsticks. She didn’t say anything; nor did I, but I was really proud of myself. Haven’t had them since.

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Ants. I used to eat them when I was younger.

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@Sunny2 Oh man…the asian night markets, live turtles, duck heads on a stick, snake meat, and everything has it’s face still attached, fish, chickens, what an experience! Yes, I have heard that the chicken feet market is huge and america ships a lot of chicken feet to asia.
I saw some very suspect yellow sausages too…run, run away! lol

@dxs Maybe you had a nutritional deficiency. haha

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@harple The ingredients you listed there, do sound like that of a regular sausage!

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Barbequed bear.

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Witchity grubs, emu and crocodile (not all at the same time).

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Sea Cucumber is the weirdest thing I’ve ever tried, still on the fence if I like it or not. I know that its not something that I will go out and try to recreate so I am probably leaning more to the not liking so much side of things.

@Shippy Oxtail is really only the tail of the cow so its really only beef, I make it all the time and it is quite good when cooked in a preasure cooker.

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Ew!!! I’m so glad I’m a vegetarian!

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@Bellatrix You ate grubs? GRUBS!!!
Aboriginal man. lol

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Here you go. This tells you more about them. I was lucky they had made them into a sort of pate. So it wasn’t quite so unappealing. They tasted quite bland really.

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I spent a lot of time in Asia in places that were not well traveled. I’ve had raw: whale, alligator, horse, fugu, and every kind of sushi imaginable. Cooked: bat, snake, whale, eel, horse, ...
The strangest would be playing chicken with some other guys and eating closer and closer tot he poison part of the blowfish. My rule was to eat it until my lips got numb.
I was an idiot.

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Fried alligator would probably be the weirdest one. I think… unless I’m forgetting something.

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My fiancé is an adventurous eater, so since I’ve been with him, I’ve tried nibbles of things I would never order. He loves the crispy pig intestine at the local ramen place., so I tried it. I don’t need to try it again, though. We also had a rabbit rillette last week… one bite was enough of that for me, too.

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Blue whale clitoris.

don’t ask

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How in the hell do you not ask about something like that?

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@Blondesjon Sounds like you could really make a meal out of that.

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Love bugs. Was in the process of sneezing when I inhaled deeply through my mouth and in they went. They didn’t come out with the sneeze.

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I’m not sure what they were, but some kind of water snail/mollusk thing. I was thinking nautilus, but when I looked that up, those are too big to be what I had. But they looked like it. It had a shell and some tentacles, so what you did is start sucking on the tentacles to get the rest of the animal out of its shell. They weren’t raw, but they still pretty much looked like what they do while alive. This was in a Chinese restaurant. It tasted all rubbery and didn’t have much taste. But they looked pretty neat. :D

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Chicken nuggets, oh the horror, the horror!

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Geflilte fish. Mashed potatoes from a box. Any kind of reconstituted meat food.

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@wundayatta Oh man I hate mashed potatoes from boxes…ew.

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