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Why did I buy three yards of rust-colored felt?

Asked by Jeruba (45706points) January 5th, 2013

After a hiatus of about 15 years, I’ve taken up sewing again. Now I’m going through old boxes of materials and supplies from back when I used to sew a lot, seeing what’s there and what’s still good. It’s been stored in the garage, out of sight, out of mind.

I just ran across a large piece of felt—about three yards—in a beautiful heathery rust color, and a spool of unused matching thread.

I have no memory of buying it, much less of what I bought it for. I can’t think of anything that anyone would make out of a piece of felt that big. Little craft projects, little bits of felt, ok—but I didn’t do stuff like that.

What in the world might someone sew out of that much felt? Surely not a garment, but what? The matching thread says I intended to stitch something out of it and the appearance of the stitches mattered.

I probably won’t use the felt at all. I’ll probably donate it to a local place that collects and recycles all sorts of classroom materials for teachers. But what might I have been up to with this?

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Since felt has body to it and doesn’t fall flat easily, I think you intended to sew some type of post-modern poodle skirt. The matching thread would have been used on the appliques.

It’s either that or many pairs of house slippers. Don’t laugh. At a market in Christchurch, New Zealand, I once saw boots made out of very heavy felt down to the sole. They looked quite sturdy.

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3 bags with gussets in which to carry sewing projects? Matching vests with pockets and fringe for grandchildren? A ginger bread boy Halloween costume? Or an Indian costume?

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A poodle skirt! Wow! Maybe…

I did wonder about a costume but couldn’t think of anything I’d have made out of felt.

Still puzzling.

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My mom made us lots of costumes from felt. She’s a sewer too, and I remember sometimes the store would have remnants on sale, and she would buy them knowing that she needed far less, but the price was so good that she bought it anyway, thinking she’d use it elsewhere. I come across things that I can’t recall the reasoning behind the purchase too!

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An Ewok costume or maybe a monk? (I made a witch costume out of black felt, so it seems feasible.) Maybe a stuffed animal/toy?

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A friend had a really nice blazer made out of felt. Well perhaps a jacket would be a better description. It was very classy!

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I thought elf outfit. That was my first thought. Or perhaps a hobbit get up. Any fancy dress parties in the past where such outfits might have been appropriate?

Friar Tuck…

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You needed it for feathering your large owl wall hanging. You were so trendy, you set the owl trend.

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After such a long break, is it the same as swimming/cycling..I believe the well worn phrase is “It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.”

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My first thought was also for a costume. What about toys or stuffed animals?

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There’s an owl trend??

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I actually think there might be @Jeruba. I am seeing a lot of owl pictures and ornaments around the place. I like owls so I tend to notice (not buy) them.

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Must of had a nifty project like this in mind. Maybe?

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