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Can you tell me your pizza dough secrets?

Asked by nebule (16436points) January 6th, 2013

What appears to be a very simple recipe has apparently multiple variations of oil, water, sugar, yeast, flours etc. and variations on how to let it rise, fridge, – near heat, once, twice…etc… I do like making my own pizza dough and have made some this afternoon. It turned out ok…was rather good actually but was quite heavy and chewy – ( I added oil…) I’m hoping that some of my fellow jellies can give me their expertise on pizza dough…

I have a really complicated Italian pizza book..but it’s measurements are in cups (I’m in the UK) and also differentiates between different types of yeast…and I can only seem to get fast/ easy bake.. does this make a difference?

Thank you xxx

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I recently heard of a fabulous one, with just 2 ingredients -

Greek Yoghurt and Self-raising Flour!

It’s particularly good as you can make as small or large a number as you like!

I’ve heard you use equal measures, and I’ve heard it’s better to do 2–1, so I guess you could have a play and see?

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My recipe is quite simple. Some flour, yeast, salt and water…knead and let rise for an hour. The key is knowing when enough flour is enough flour.

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Sweet potatoes. There are several recipes online for making the dough, pick the one you think you will like and go from there.

There are online sites that will help you convert the units of measure into metric.

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I actually made a pizza just over an hour ago…

Flour, cold water, olive oil, yeast, salt. I usually use dry yeast, but I’ve used fresh yeast at times. Put it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours—preferrably overnight. Place somewhere warm and let it rise. Oven temperature to as hot as it can go.

I use around 200g of flour to about 150ml of water, then add more flour as needed.

If the texture isn’t to your liking, try experimenting with different flours.

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Sprinkle the pan in which you bake the pizza with corn meal. It adds a nice crunch and flavor to the pizza.

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Knead and flour until the dough is about the same firmness as your earlobe and set it aside in a warmish place to rise. When it doubles in size, punch it down in the middle and let it rise again. When it reinflates, it’s ready to go.

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