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Neosporin on kitten's eyes?

Asked by nocountry2 (3689points) June 9th, 2008 from iPhone

We have three newborns, about 1.5 weeks old. Their eyes just started to open – one has both open, the second has one open and one closed with some mild yellow crust, the third had both shut with crust. The crust has been there about two days now, not better but not worse. Do I need to get them into the vet (who I just dropped $400 for our dog), or can I gently use a warm washcloth and a bit of neosporin? Is it bad for new eyes? Should I wait a bit?

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Well I don’t know much aboult the matter but I would say that if you put the corner of a damp cloth up to the corner of the kittens eye you will be abel to see if it is helping or not.

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No neosporin in the eyes! Never put anything in a pets eyes without talking to a vet because sometimes you can do more damage than good. Try the wash cloth. Sometimes it can take a couple days for their eyes to fully open. If they still seem to be developing crust or what have you, take them to the vet. Checking the eyes should be relatively inexpensive as far as vet visits go.

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I work with dogs more than cats, but I’d totally agree in saying NO NEOSPORIN. Use just water if it appears to be problem.

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