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What countries have animal mascots like the Russian bear?

Asked by jaytkay (25765points) January 6th, 2013

Say you are a political cartoonist.

You can draw a bear to represent Russia. And the American eagle.

Are there many more?

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Chinese panda.

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India- Elephant
Australia- Kangaroo
Canada- Beaver
Egypt – Camel
Mexico- Chihuahua
England- Bulldog

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I believe in Korea they have a dog skewered on a kebab stick.
@uberbatman That’s the British bulldog, we English have three lions.

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@ucme I forgot you guys were all touchy about not differentiating. And it is known as the English Bulldog.

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The lion and unicorn of the United Kingdom.

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New Zealand – kiwi (and sheep)
Tasmania – Tasmanian devil
Australia – kangaroo, koala
Egypt – asp
USA – bald eagle
Canada – beaver

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@uberbatman There’s only one of us being touchy, & that’s the one who can’t take being corrected.
Showing a breed of dog isn’t going to alter the facts, ergo…English lions.

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And don’t forget the U.S.‘s elephant and donkey. They play a LARGE part in our animal identification.

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Being picky (sorry @CWOTUS) Tasmania is a state not a country.

Australia has the Kangaroo and Emu on its coat of arms.

The South African coat of arms includes the secretary bird.
Botswana includes the Zebra.
Rebublic of the Congo has Elephants.

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I believe Germany can also be identified by using an Eagle and perhaps a wolf.

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Doesn’t South Africa also have the iconic springbok too?

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@YARNLADY I believe Germany can also be identified by using an Eagle and perhaps a wolf.-

That reminds me, the Polish eagle.

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@ucme That’s the British bulldog, we English have three lions

The bulldog is not English? I don’t think of Scotland or Wales when I see a bulldog.

Bulldogs are awesome, I want three.

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Canada – perhaps the Moose.

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:America has the bald eagle.

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Mexico – Golden eagle and snake
Guatemala – Quetzal bird
Peru – Guinea pig
Chile – Alpaca
Ecuador – Galapagos tortoise
Antarctica – Penguin

I would think the animal symbol for Egypt would be the cat more than the asp.

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It is not their national symbol, but the French are referred to as Frogs.

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Ok, satirical Victorian Punch cartoons were full of these.

English Lion – recurrent
Chinese Dragon
French Cock & Russian Bear
more Russian Bear
Indian Elephant
Bengal Tiger
Austrian Two-Headed Eagle
Some more dominions and colonies
American Bald Eagle,
German Black Eagle,
some others…

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@jaytkay Yes, but we’re talking mascots here & the english mascot has always been the three lions as depicted on the football & cricket team’s shirts. There’s also the english rose which is used by the rugby team.
As for british bulldog, there’s even a game played in schools named after it, a tag based game that’s not for the faint hearted.

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