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If you are due to get paid on a Friday and your first check comes via US mail can you expect it on Friday?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) January 7th, 2013

Or do you expect it before Friday, or later.
For instance with direct deposit you know it will be there Friday or even earlier, but being as though this will be a first time paper check when should it arrive?

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The check should arrive Friday. There’s always a chance the check will arrive late or not at all. For this reason, direct deposit is preferable.

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Mine came on the following Monday.

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Direct deposit should appear in your account on Friday. However a paper check would be mailed on Friday, and received by Monday.

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In my experience, direct deposit is the best way to ensure getting money on time. I use it for everything.

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I’m still waiting for the direct deposit to be set up. They informed me it would be a first pay paper check I just need to know when to expect it.

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My first checks usually showed up on the payday or the next day after.

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