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Are there any notable atheist athletes who give the glory of their championships to their hard work and determination?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) January 7th, 2013

Often we see athletes giving God the glory. The most recent I can think of is Ray Lewis in his recent interview. I wanted to know if there was ever such a successful athlete who was open about his own hard work and determination, or was openly atheist.

Or is there so much emotion and having high hopes in professional sports that with out the belief of something above oneself it is impossible to be a champion?

I’m thinking Tom Brady might be atheist I don’t recall him thanking a God of any sort during an interview. And please I don’t mean to be offensive here, there is no end goal to my question, just one out of curiosity, I know how these religious battles can get so again I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone’s belief system

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Not sure how accurate this list is.

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Tom Brady is a Catholic. His uncle is a Christian Brother, he went to a Catholic High School and his parents are active in the local parish.

Lost of athletes talk about the work and effort in general, and also encouragement and support of family and friends and coaches, It’s usually only evangelicals who put it all to God.

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First of all I think it’s all baloney. It’s like praying for victory before a game or thanking god if you win. Can you seriously believe that god gives a damn who wins a game?!! Most of that type of talk is to make the athlete seem humble. Let’s face it, a good athlete is not humble, in fact humility would probably work against him on the playing field.

Maybe when I see an athlete donating the major portion of their million(s) dollar contract, I’ll believe their religious sincerity. Until then it is all B.S.

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Following up on @Ron_C: Mark Twain’s War Prayer. It’s short and worth the read.

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It isn’t just athletes, it is musicians and many others including Hollywood elites as well.

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@CWOTUS I read the War Prayer by Mark Twain. Mr. Twain was exactly correct and we have the orphan children and wounded and dead in the Middle East to prove the truth of his words. Thank you.

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Atheism is extremely unpopular. Most agnostics or atheists seem to be very private about their beliefs (or lack of beliefs). They might discuss the matter under the right circumstances, but they usually don’t run around making public declarations.

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The problem with Atheism is that it is not a belief system. It is the absence of belief. Agnostic is close to my stance on religion and spirituality.

I am happily an agnostic. If I have a belief, it is in the Multiverse, where all universes that can happen do.

I personally find it offensive when people publicly acknowledge their faith had something to do with their athletic achievement when there are children in beyond horrible circumstances, born into home with faith, who look at the TV and wonder whether god cares more about a touchdown than that child’s empty refrigerator.

Religion has caused more suffering than it has alleviated. Religion has suppressed man more than it has elevated him.

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