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Do you happen to have this kid/woman duo singing the whole song?

Asked by flo (10349points) January 7th, 2013

one only gives me a few seconds of it. It doesn’t have to be the kid+woman duo, just as long as it sounds like that, and definitely not this for example

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This has orchestral accompaniment:
Here’s a boy’s choir:
Is it the organ piece you are looking for?

here’s more of the kid and the man:

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and here’s the man solo:

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Thanks @hearkat!
This kid does more than Panis Angelicus. Ave Maria, and I don’t know the name of this one is (your 4th)

Maybe someone has done mainstream version of Panis Angelicus.

Are you into kid videos? I heard one with a maybe 2? year old kid, answering her father’s many questions like:
Who is the drummer of Rolling Stones? who is the…of the Beatles? She know even obscure stuff. So adorable. I haven’t seen it yet. Let me know if you come across it?

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…She knows even obscure stuff. I don’t know if it is a she.

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@flo “I don’t know the name of this one” It is “Voi che sapete” from Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) by Mozart. Here it is sung by Angelika Kirchschlager
There are dozens more interpretations of this song on YouTube, as it is very popular.

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@2davidc8 I wish I had “Panis Angelicus” in the title of my OP since really my search is that kid or any other kid doing the complete song. The younger the child the better. The traditional way and the kids’ way are night and day to me.

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@flo – what about the link with the choir boys that I posted?
I’m still not quite sure what you’re looking for.

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I am looking for toddlers doing it and not professionals of any age. The choir boys et al are doing it the traditional way @hearkat.

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@flo I have posted here on Fluther a question on alternatives to YouTube. If you don’t find what you are looking for on YouTube, try one of those other alternatives that fellow jellies have suggested.

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@2davidc8 thanks, I went to the list that @digitalimpression provided. In the meantime if someone out there started a site that is dedicated to toddlers, wouldn’t that take off? I think so.

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