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Does anyone else cringe at the usage "my Facebook" rather than "my Facebook page" or "Facebook account"?

Asked by janbb (51323points) January 8th, 2013

It seems to have become ubiquitous usage but it sounds so grating and grammatically wrong to me.

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It’s all Greek to me, so no.

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It kind of bothers me. In my understanding, the whole website is Facebook. But, I hear the youngins say things every day that bother me a whole lot more.

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I stick to adding page or account when I talk about FB, but then I also dislike that the word text has become a verb.

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I’m sorry, @janbb. I have transgressed the unwritten law. :(

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@bookish1 yes, you were a bad, bad boy! But I forgive you.

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Also, you guys should check out my facebook. It’s totally awesome, you guys.

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Naw. Language changes. People find more and more efficient ways to pass on information.

I mean, I know what you are talking about, but what’s the point of getting all bothered about it? It’s not as if you could change it. You’re only going to keep yourself annoyed if you think about it.

Also, it probably is correct usage. Remember, the original metaphor is a book called a Facebook, and everyone had one when they were books. So it still makes sense to call it your Facebook, since in essence, that’s exactly what Facebook, the company, is selling.

In any case, it’s Facebook. Who really cares?

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But if were analogous to the book then your Facebook would be the whole volume, not your photo.

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It is the whole volume. Your face is on the front.

And I’m not going to talk about it any more. I hate Facebook.

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My sweetie and I refer to it as The Facebook, as it was originally named.

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Not at all. No one I know calls it anything else, come to think of it. Us young-ins and our made up lingo.

I also use the word text as a verb because, technically, it is one and has been for awhile.

I’d like to say I’m not bothered by such tiny things, but it’s not true. If I hear someone say “irregardless” one more time, dammit! :)

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Hmm. It’s different than saying, ”...My John Lennon-Imagine…” and the audience not knowing what medium one is referring to. It could be, ”...My John Lennon-Imagine album/record/cassette/cd/whatever”

When it comes to Facebook, or anything that exist purely on the internet I think it’s ok to refer to the entity with, “my” in front of the said social media website. It is a place after all.

I try to understand gibberish my 7th grade sister says with her friends, and then all of a sudden I understand that gibberish is just language unique to that generation and that’s where it stays. Probably one of the things I love about spoken language to begin with.

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I cringe at Facebook, period.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room @bookish1 This leads me to want to ask a question!

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@pleiades : Awaiting it with bated breath ;)

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And your question is, @pleiades???

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@livelaughlove21 The first known usage of text as a verb was from 1998. I predate that by a number of decades and call dibs. So there. Tthhhpft. (By the way, your link doesn’t work.)

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I don’t have a Facebook, and it doesn’t bother me at all.

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@Hawaii_Jake Yes, but you also predate texting in itself, no? ;) And the link is working for me. Oh well, you got the gist.

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Not at all. It’s a natural process and the progress of where the technical internet-speak meets the wonderfully fluid and slightly bastardly language that we call modern English.

Text means written language. It’s a noun. But we use it as a verb without the slightest thought and have done so since the dawn of sms.

We Google (transitive verb) right? We should be using the search engine Google.

So when you get a chance, reply via Twitter or tweet me, Instagram me your photo (but careful: they own it) or Youtube me your favourite clip. It’s all good. I hate Facebook, but if I didn’t – you could FB me anytime, babe.

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Language drifts. I don’t see many people using ye or thou any more.

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I worry more about who has been eating my porridge.

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It’s a startling admission certainly.

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The Umbiquitous Mr. LoveGrove

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