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Should the President, members of Congress, justices of the Supreme Court and other high level government "officials" be required to take a drug test?

Asked by josie (27657points) January 8th, 2013

Many of you believe they are Gods, some of you believe they are corrupt criminals. Either way, in a democracy, shouldn’t The People know if they are using dope?

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Dude, I’m on board. If drug tests are a requirement for people on welfare… Well, politicians make a hell of a lot more, but it’s all taxpayers’ money in the end.

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^^ Precisely.

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I don’t care if they are taking drugs. I don’t need a test. It’s a waste of resources. It should be eliminated for Welfare folk, too.

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I don’t care if they are taking drugs
No doubt you don’t care. But wouldn’t it at least be interesting to know? Or are you really happy to be manipulated in your pursuit of happiness by a cadre of dopers? Interesting
Anyway, in spite of what you say, I bet we would all be surprised by the results.

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And a psychiatric test while they’re at it.

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It’s not worth the cost. And I don’t know what it would mean to find out.

Do you think we’d be surprised at how many use drugs or how few?

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At least we could hold them accountable for something. Oh wait, they’d have to approve the tests. Never mind; won’t happen.

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Sure, why not?

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I think they should. It’d be especially interesting to see if they’re using any while supporting this BS war on drugs.

@wundayatta waste of resources? Drug tests really don’t cost that much money, especially when you look at the big picture of our spending.

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Drug use seems to be the last problem we have with our current President.

If only it were the problem.

But if it could be used to have him removed…

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I don’t think anybody should be required to take a drug test.

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@Rarebear I don’t either, but thats not the way it is. If we’re all required to take drug tests for good jobs or even welfare, then why shoudln’t they be required to do the same? If ya want to go ahead and remove all drug testing then thats a different story and I completely support that.

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Well if those of us at the “street” level , are required…Just saying.

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Wouldn’t hiring people to carry out and administrate all that make the government bigger?

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Their body their choice, if it is wrong to subject others to drug tests, it is wrong to subject them.

I would however, be in favor of poking a hot needle in to a sample of their blood, just to make sure none of them are The Thing, and would also be ok with disallowing them from having vacations. Asking someone to not have vacations for 4 years is not much to ask, it shows willing.

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Hardcore drugs yes, marijuana no. I’d rather have a high president than a drunk one, and plenty of drunken politicians have carried out their terms next to Old Jim Bean and Johnny Walker. lol
If I were the president I’d have a little secret garden indeed. Poor man. It would make the Oval office seem less oval and maybe even facilitate some really good ideas. haha

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I think that any politician who supports drug testing others—or any other aspect of the farcical “war on drugs”—should be subject to mandatory drug testing. If they really think it’s so important, they might as well go first.

As a corollary, free pot for anyone who admits that they inhaled as a teenager.

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I’m much more concerned about drug testing the citizens we hard working Americans are forced to GIVE our money to.

The money you’re going to use to make your purchases came from us?

We should have some say as to what those purchases are or aren’t

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No, but how about an IQ test?

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@Crashsequence2012 who exactly do you think pays for the salaries of the President, members of Congress, justices of the Supreme Court and other high level government “officials” ?

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“Many of you believe they are Gods”
Yeah, no.

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I’ll go along with some of the above:

IQ tests
Blood Alcohol tests (required randomly throughout term)
Must pass ethics test every year

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@uberbatman We do, of course.

But the officials mentioned by the OP are very few compared to the people I mentioned in my comment.

With the exception of supreme court justices and the office of President I believe a better solution would be aggressive term limitation.

Drug abuse is not responsible for politician’s lust for spending and short sighted solutions.

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I think an annual open disclosure of income (with sources) and perks would be sufficient.

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The Big Picture reminds me of a puzzle.

You look at the ‘Big Picture’ on the puzzle box to guide you, but the most complicated puzzels require you to pay attention to their details. The “Little Pictures”.

To see the big picture you have to not overlook the details. Yes, No? Anyone?

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Enough with the red tape.

(That is my official ;) answer)

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There should be no drug tests for politicians or anyone else ,except troublemaking addicts convicted of crimes beyond just drug use.

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