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How well does Instagram improve old digital photos?

Asked by mattbrowne (31557points) January 11th, 2013

More than 10 years ago the pictures I took with my first digital camera were of lower quality for obvious reasons (and I’m not talking about the numbers of pixels, but clarity, colors and other factors).

Would Instagram be an option to improve their quality? Any experience with it? What about doing this on a PC? I heard about an application called Instagrille. Is there a batch mode handling entire directories of jpg-files? Is sharing mandatory?

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Instagran is a mobile photo-sharing social network that has pre-set filters that enhance some images; but it is not really a good photo editing software. On my Mac, I have Aperture and iPhoto. They allow specific characteristics to be modified independently. the changes you make on one image can be copied and then applied to different images – the old iPhoto did, anyway… I’m not certain about the newest version or Aperture. I’ve never used the full version of photoshop, so I can’t tell you about its features.

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@hearkat – Does Aperture have some general intelligent “optimize” functionality? I already use simple photo editing software to adjust brightness, contrast etc.

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You can download Photoshop for a free trial. I use Photoimpact which has been discontinued. You will find these types of functions there. YouTube has some great step by step videos on using different functionalities on both.

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@Shippy – You mean Ulead PhotoImpact X3?

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I’ve never used Instagram or Aperture so I can’t speak to their efficacy, but I have used Adobe Lightroom for touching up digital photos and it works very well.

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