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Do Fluther Jellies who share the same avatar think alike?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 12th, 2013

Do avatars either indicate or influence characteristics of a Fluther user’s personality? If so, how great is the effect. How closely do avatar sharing Jellies end up being alike?

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The only avatar sharing jellies I know of are those who happen to wind up with the same default picture and never change it. If nothing else, this indicates that they share a lack of concern for their avatar.

I strongly considered stealing your avatar and just posting something extremely NSFW, but I wasn’t sure anyone would get it.

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only 4.3% based on government studies

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If anyone wants to steal my avatar and assume my identity be forewarned, I will track you down and force you to do my chores while I crack a bull whip over your head. In real life I am not just wandering around with a cat on my shoulder. lol

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They don’t think alike but they do have the same effective tooth brushing techniques. : )

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I dunno. Use my avatar, then tell me if you start to think like me!

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(Sounds like a New Age insult: “You avatar sharing jelly!”)

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This reminds me of Astrochuck avatar day :D

click on Jeruba’s links. they are funny

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I doubt it, other than those crap jellyfish & the ugly cat, I can only remember one other instance of avatar simulation & that was when yarnageddon happened, blew over quickly though.

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Only on alternate Tuesdays.

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The cat avatar only has the power to make you lose your powers of perspicacity. So @zensky‘s comments don’t actually represent what he really thinks.

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Cogito ergo sum.

wundayatta's avatar

Now you look far more intelligent.

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<gives Wundy the middle finger>

wundayatta's avatar

That’s the catlike thing to do. The intelligent thing to do would be to borrow @zensky‘s avatar. Just saying.

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I do recall feeling rather like Yarnlady during the yarn apocalypse.

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We all felt like @YARNLADY during the yarnpocalypse. We were all one. One with the yarn; one with the squirrels.


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Here’s a screenshot from the apex of the Yarnpocolypse, which occurred on or about April 23, 2011.

I defy anyone with a modicum of sanity, to find any non-gelatinous similarities between the victims whose avatars were consumed by YARNLADY’s omnivorous bunny picture! ;-o

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Many of us adopted FutureMemory’s avatar one night. Freaked him out!! :D

I’ve never seen another Speedy here, or Blue Hand Jellyfish, so can’t say.

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It’s def. time for another Yarnopolypse. Or even an Astro day. That was funny like hell. Hey – guys – how about a Wundy ass-day???

Let’s all be Wunday tomorrow, Monday at 1200 GMT.

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1st RULE: You do not talk about AVATAR STEALING.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about AVATAR STEALING.

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@zensky I can’t do that. I’m a bitch, not an ass.

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Ohhhh! I could have saved myself some confusion if I’d read this thread yesterday…

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@Just sayin

The Yarnpocalypse was awesome.

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I’m not so sure I would go as far as claiming similar personality types, but maybe a similar fatuation for that one certain thing in their avatar. I’ve seen several examples of vore fetish and sci-fi type avatars, and from reading their posts I’ve seen even those types of users have drastically different viewpoints and ways of expressing themselves from one another.

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