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What have you gotten away with?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 12th, 2013

Oh, you know what I mean.

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Not much.

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Petty shop-lifting when I was a kid. I still expect to be nabbed.

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I’ve never hurt anyone that didn’t ask for it, but I got away with everything as a teen. I was a wild child and I raised myself as a teen. Parents, that’s not a real good thing.

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Moider, or put another way, doing Columbo impressions…badly.

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Ditto on the childhood shop-lifting. I was about 12-years-old at the time, and I quickly outgrew that rather ugly stage of my development. I’ve never stolen anything since then, and I still regret those pilfered candy bars, paperback novels, and 45 rpm records.

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We stole beer from a grocery store when we were teens.

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I kissed a girl and I liked it…

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I had a cancer diagnosis 31 years ago. Two of the roommates I had in hospital died within a year of when we were in the hospital, similar cancer.

It metastasized and I had chemo in 1984 for the new tumor.

Clean since 1985 ! !

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Extremely reckless involvement with hard drugs for many years. I really should be dead or in jail, and I think I probably would be if I were not white.

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Getting caught trying to ride a bus without paying in Germany. I got caught by the cops and taken to the police station. This was the night before I was flying home. I had the money to pay, but I had given it away to my busker partner because I knew I wouldn’t need the change, as I was leaving. But I forgot I had no bus money.

So I got on the bus, and at the next stop, there were the inspectors. I tried to get off, but they wouldn’t let me go.

I didn’t have my passport or anything with me, and I didn’t understand what they were saying. I told them I was camping in the woods outside of town. My passport was in my tent. Really, I was staying with my parents, and I was too ashamed to let them find out.

In the end, they just left me sitting in the police station lobby. No one was around. I just walked out, and ran a few blocks, and then walked back to my parents apartment. They never knew. I got out of the country the next day, and haven’t been back since. It wasn’t so much that I got away with the bus ride, since I didn’t. I got away without my parents ever finding out.

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I knew you’d know what I mean. Great stories jells. Feels better coming clean, eh?

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Positively reckless behaviour in my teenage.

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Was lucky to get away with my life after the state of my priorities in high school (yeah Mariah go to school take your test instead of going to the emergency room…wat).

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@wundayatta Holy crap man. That’s an awesome story lol. You just walked out of the police station and fucked off? And you weren’t even in your own country. That’s both pretty cool and funny lol.

I don’t have any cool stories like that though. I got away with a bunch of petty stuff like underage drinking, but yours is a REAL feat lol.

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Do you really think so, @Symbeline? Since it happened to me, it seems pretty ordinary. I just did what I had to do. I mean, it was just stealing a bus ticket. Probably just a minor fine. They didn’t know who I was. I didn’t speak German. I think they just wanted me to go away. They probably had better things to do. They just told me to sit in the lobby. I really think they were expecting me to disappear. I bet they were relieved. I hope I didn’t take too long for them.

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I was walking along the train tracks with two friends of mine. I was nine and they were a year older. We liked to put coins on the track to flatten them and also to collect empty coke bottles for the deposit. I didn’t hear the electric little caboose thingy until the very last minute – and jumped from the safe track to the wrong track. I looked up and it seemed to be on top of me – all 30 tons of Train. I jumped again at the last minute (or so it seemed) and got away with minor bruises and a lot of fearful tears. After a few minutes the tears turned to the usual delinquent laughter that comes with feeling indestructible and the foolishness of youth. We got on our bikes and decided to take the long way back along the tracks. Within about 15 minutes the police who had been alerted that kids were playing on the tracks came and picked us up. We were taken to the station – the three of us in the back of the sqaud car; this time we were scared shitless. My mind was racing – would I be put in jail? And more importantly, would my father kill me or just beat me senseless. (The Latter).

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@wundayatta Hm, well maybe they did expect you to disappear, can’t say. But did you get that feeling when you were in the station lobby? I wouldn’t have. Sp it’s like, you get busted in Germany for swiping a bus ticket, you leave from the police station and just go back home…like, to another country. There’s something exceptionally badass about this, whether or not you felt like one, and whether or not they expected you to scram lol.

And if they didn’t expect you to go…it’s like some cop would come to deal with you and he was probably all like, mein gott! Where is he? lol

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@Symbeline Well, as you know, I’ve always wanted to be a badass (hence my avatar). But it’s nice to be officially given that title. You made my day!

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Well you know what they say…you can’t just go out and buy this wallet, it has to be given to you by someone. :D

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Ignoring dress code by no longer wearing a tie at work.

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