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When and how did you meet the one you consider, at this point, to be the love of your life?

Asked by tups (6709points) January 12th, 2013

If you’ve ever met such a person. I don’t know how I feel about the term “love of your life”, though. It’s a little of a cliché to me. Do you consider a person in your life to be the love of your life? Are you with that person now or did you lose them? How did you meet and when?

Sub-question: What do you think of the term “love of your life”?

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Too many questions but I will say my college roommate asked me to go with her date to a fraternity party because she had to study for an accounting exam. On this platform, at the frat house was a gorgeous guitar player/singer/songwriter.
We married and had 2 daughters.

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It may be a cliche, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It was for for me. I met her when I was 14.

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I do consider my husband the love of my life, we met in January, 2008. We were both in our 40’s and had returned to college where we met in class. Neither of us was in a place to begin a new relationship when we met so getting to the point where we could be together was a long, tough process that was worth every single second.

Before I met my husband the term “love of my life” made me throw up a little in my mouth. Now that I am living it the term makes perfect sense to me (so does the term soul mate). It feels like I waited for this man my entire life and I feel incredibly fortunate that we finally made our way to each other. I have no idea why we are so blessed, I am just glad we are.

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I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true…actually no, its a lie, she did want me though.

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I met him at a keg party. My best friend was dating his roommate. She decided to hook us up. I fell in love with him that night night. He fell in love with me either that night or the next. Two weeks later he sort of informally proposed, I sort of informally accepted. After 9 months, he formally proposed, I cried buckets, and we married a few months later. We now have two daughters and are still head over heels in “lovey-dovey-wanttostrangleeachother-lovey-dovey” love.

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He lived next door to me with someone else for a long time. We were always good friends. Life changed for both of us and we found each other again years later and are now together. He is the love of my life. I cannot imagine being with anyone who ‘gets’ me as well as he does or that I could love as much as I do him.

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We had the same commute to campus, but never ended up saying more than few words and a single passed note to each other. Then I ended up being his tutor one afternoon at the writing center. We started taking the bus together and got to know each other better. He helped me through a hard time when my dad was in the hospital. We’ve been together for two years and while our relationship has had its trials, I think I knew a long time ago that I was going to fall for him, fast and hard, and that anyone after would pale in comparison.

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We met online on a social site. I really enjoyed his photographs, and found that we had a lot in common as we commented on various threads. We started communicating off the site, and hung out as friends a few times. We just clicked, and after a few months decided to be more than friends.

He is the love of my life, because he really loves me for me, and I can be completely myself with him. And that is mutual – unconditional love, mutual respect and admiration. We don’t fight, we have had only a few misunderstandings; we are both in a place in life where we are no longer insecure, and have no romantic illusions or expectations.

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We met at a meeting a Regional Mensa gathering on Memorial Day, and I moved into his rented beach house with my son about a month later. We got formally engaged on the 4th of July and married on Labor Day. We recently celebrated our 37 anniversary.

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We met online, on MySpace, back in 2005. We spoke on there and IMed each other for a few months and eventually lost touch. In 2007, he sent me a message and we started talking again. We were both 17 at this point. We met in person, spent time together as friends, and eventually began dating. 5 years later, we’re married.

He recently told me that I was the first person he added on MySpace when he signed up. He said, “I looked at your picture, scrolled down to see if you were single, and then immediately clicked ‘add friend’.” How romantic! ;)

I also believe that “love of my life” is cliched, but I do consider him to be the love of mine.

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Eight years ago I met a clerk at a gas station and he gave me directions, and was also somehow the most intriguing person I had ever met. I went back the next night and ended up hanging out there for five hours while we compared music and he convinced me to follow him back to his place when he got off work at 5 am. I saw a Modest Mouse LP hanging on his wall and after I picked my jaw up off the floor (this was when they were rather unknown, before Float On blew up) I decided to stick around.

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The short version is that we met via our participation in a comedy group on campus.

I love to think about all the tiny things that have gone right in life to bring me to where I am now, and how if some small thing changed, things might be totally different.

I learned about my college of choice at a college fair I almost didn’t go to. I started here and almost had a relationship with a guy but had to drop out and get surgery before it could develop. Became weirdly obsessed with that guy during my time away. He got a girlfriend. I came back a year later expecting to be welcomed with open arms by him and my other old friends. They had moved on. It was second semester, everyone was secure in their social groups, no one needed a new friend. Spent a weekend sad and alone and considering transferring schools. Bucked up, decided to find a club to join. Scrolled through the list. I could audition for an a capella group, maybe. They chose their new members at the beginning of the year, no luck till next year. A sorority? Recruitment had been in the fall. Well there’s this comedy group. I’m not really funny, and I don’t know if I feel passionately about this. But it’s something. Probably some really fun people in it. Probably pretty low key. I’ll try a meeting.

BAM social life. Developing friendships. A crush on one of the guys. Suddenly I realize my value as a single girl at a school with a 3:1 male/female. Asked out by a guy I don’t feel much of anything for, but I give him a shot. One awkward date. Let him down gently. Asked out by another guy. Now this is a guy I could see potential with. Go on a date. Date was nice! Some time passes. We decide to become exclusive. And the rest is history! It’s been about 10 months now and we’re very happy. We’ve worked through some rough patches and come out stronger for it.

I don’t know that he’s the “love of my life,” I don’t see me marrying him, but we’re in love and we’re happy and we’re having fun. I have learned to enjoy the present without extrapolating into the future so much.

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