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Let a friend borrow a charger,now it wont work for my netbook. Help?

Asked by rawrr2013 (4points) January 12th, 2013

I let a friend borrow my gateway netbook charger and now it won’t charge my laptop. There is no physical damage to the charger itself. I plugged it into my laptop and it instantly drained the battery and now it won’t charge the laptop. Could she have done something that made my charger fry my laptop? I can’t even get any other charger to work in my laptop!

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Sounds like the Laptop your friend plugged into “burned out” the charger. The Mac Book Pro 13” charger cannot be used to charge a MBP 15” or 17”, not enough output. Result is a brick for a charger.

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Does your friend report that the charger worked for her? I’m going to guess that it didn’t, or not for long. Maybe it worked just long enough to get her through a session.
Maybe it worked a while then conked out and she’s afraid to mention that or didn’t notice.

But, sure sounds like her laptop toasted it as @Tropical_Willie mentions.

Does she have the same laptop type? Brand and model?
Otherwise, just because the plug fits doesn’t mean the charger is compatible.
You really want to check voltage especially, that the laptop expects the same voltage as the charger puts out. The charger should be able to moderate the current it puts out, but voltage difference could be fatal fast.

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How certain are you this person is your friend?

Did they return their already non working charger to you?

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Your charger is burned out because may be her laptop is not compatible with your charger. You have to replace your charger.

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