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Mini DVD Camcorder Issue.

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) July 6th, 2007

I filmed my boyfriend golfing on our camcorder that uses mini-dvds. He wants to draw lines on top of the image (for his swing). What program can he use? We have both a PC and Mac.

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i would use iMovie on the mac

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it sounds like you want to overlay a transparent image that has a horizontal line that extends across the top of each frame. not sure if iMovie can do this (i never use iMovie), but that is the simplest program and i would recommend trying it out.

Anyone else know if iMovie can take a transparent image overlay? i know that premiere (PC) and final cut (Mac) definitely can.

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DANGER! do NOT use a mini dvd in a slot-loading disc drive (such as the kind on imacs and all recent apple notebook models). the small disc can get stuck and damage the drive.

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Step by step guide on How to Load Mini DVD to Mac and Import Mini DVD into iMovie at

it helps easily import dvd, mini dvd, mini dv to imovie 11, 09, 08, HD and more

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