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Where are you on this continuum about talkativity?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) January 12th, 2013

If 0 is Silent Sam and 10 is Motor Mouth, where are you? Do you wish you were somewhere else? Do other people wish you were somewhere else? Do you know or not?

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Quick. Check your PM’s.

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Im probably a 4

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MIlo here; Gail is simply the messenger.

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I can’t get a word in edgewise around here.

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I would have to be an 8 at least. No I don’t wish I was someone else. I can be quiet when I need to. I annoy some people (in text and verbally) for being too talkative. Other people love me for it. Those who don’t like it are free to ignore me or move away.

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Depends on the subject and the company I’m in. I’m never particularly un-talkative, but only tend to get super talkative when the subject or the company kindles a spark in my brain. At that point, I may be a 10. Some people probably do wish I’d just shut the hell up at those times.

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I move from 0 – 10 in milliseconds, its called Bipolar.

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I’m pretty much a 9 or 10 about 99% of the time. I love to talk, and I do so constantly! On occasion though, I can sit for long periods of time without talking at all, whether I’m reading a book, concentrating on a task, or simply just thinking.

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9% In a word, I am yak-yak-yak! I love to talk and listen deeply as well. I find people to be fascinating.

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I’m about a 7. I have 2 close girlfriends who are both 12’s and when the two of them are together in a room together talking, watch out! I mostly just nod and observe in that case. It can be very funny, because they both have very different styles and both of them are super-smart.

But I chat up people all the time at the grocery store, with the bank teller, the check out clerk, the ticket taker at the movies etc. I’m by no means a motor-mouth, but I do enjoy chatting with people that I’ve just met, and having long fun conversations with people that I know and love.

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9 and my goal is 7

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