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Are there rules about what can be put in a blog?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) January 12th, 2013

Can you say anything you want to, even if it’s not true? Even it’s salacious lies? Can you post pictures of people without their permission? Is there any recourse to object to a given blog’s content?

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Three things to worry about:
(1) Getting arrested.
(2) Getting sued.
(3) Behaving like a complete jerk in a way that will ruin your reputation and make people avoid you forever.

I’d worry most about #3. Making damaging false statements about people can get you sued (#2) for libel & posting info or images without permission might violate privacy laws. Don’t know much about grounds for #1.

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I’m not the one with the blog. How do you take action against an objectionable blog?

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I’m not a lawyer, but you might ask Bradley Manning if you can find someone who can smuggle a letter to him in solitary confinement at Leavenworth, and hang by long enough to let him hand them his reply. I’m sure that he’ll tell you to go for it. What could possibly go wrong?

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It seems like it should be comparable to posting flyers around town. If the information posted is untrue, damaging, or copyrighted, there’d have to be some legal recourse, right? Take screen shots and copy the URL(s) and then talk to the appropriate authorities. That may be the police, a lawyer, or the blog writer’s parents, depending on the circumstances.

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I found this guy who says:
Under the guise of freedom of speech and the protection of the Digital Millennium Communications Act (DMCA), anonymous bloggers and chat room contributors freely publish lies and defame people.

The DMCA was designed to protect web hosting services and ISP’s and not specific web publishers, bloggers or chat room participants. ...offering DMCA protection to bloggers and web authors is a serious loophole in the DMCA, and…new legislation is required to make bloggers responsible for damage to people.
Unfortunately I can’t tell how old the above posting is.

Here’s a story from 2006: Jury Awards Woman $11.3M in Internet Defamation Suit

Here’s a tutorial from something called Electronic Frontier Foundation: Online Defamation Law, but it doesn’t really give the plaintiff’s point of view.

Now something a little more practical lol: How to sue someone for internet libel (eHow)

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Most blog hosting sites have Terms and Conditions that allow them to set the rules about what you can post and nearly always carry a disclaimer that they can disable your account if you violate the rules.

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