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What is the most durable phone from AT&T?

Asked by NoahD (99points) June 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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iPhone! I’ve beat mine to hell. It’s not so pretty now, but it has held up through a ton of damage.

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I manage a fleet of 50 blackberries and find them to be very durable. People do the strangest things to their phones, especially when the company pays for them…

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yea, I’ve beaten mine up too & aside from the broken screen, its awesome.

Let me be more specific: its for my dad who pretty much just needs the phone. He works in construction & has already destroyed 2 phones.

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I have a samsung ‘convoy’ but it’s not an at&t. It has bumpers and a bit more water resistant covers for the connector, a bit on the bulky side but Tough ! if at&t carry it then I heartily recommend it.

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