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What is a movie moment where you thought the movie star was hot?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) January 13th, 2013

There are certain rather iconic moments in movies where people think wow he/she looks hot and it sets those pulses racing. Certain images could be Marilyn Monroe and the skirt scene or Sharon Stone in about half of Basic Instinct as examples.

So what moments stood out for you with certain stars where you suddenly found yourself paying more attention to them than the storyline?

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The Ivory Soap baby had some hot moments in her movie that were pretty deep.

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Uma Thurman in… well, anything.

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I never liked Bond movies (sexist jerk!), and I didn’t particularly like Daniel Craig until this scene and then fell in lust.

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The picnic scene in To Catch a Thief. Woof.

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So many but here are two favorites, might come back and post more loll.

Kelly Le Brock

Michelle Pfeiffer

Portishead so sexy

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That scene in A Clockwork Orange with the topless chick.

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The Human Torch in The Fantastic Four movie before he was Captain America.

Seriously, it’s Salma Hayek dancing with a snake in From Dusk Till Dawn. Haawwwt!

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My first introduction to Sandra Bullock was in Speed. When the bus finally stopped, and they departed the bus, and I saw the backside of her jeans while she was lying on the ground, I was in love.

And my wife was sitting beside me, just waiting for my reaction to the scene!

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Olivier Martinez in Unfaithful.

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Sorry. Answer was NSFW.

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Grac Kelly in any scene in “To Catch a Thief.” Yikes!

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I find the Cell Block Tango from the movie Chicago to be extremely hot.

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John Coffey at the end of The Green Mile, in a truly shocking scene that was highly charged with emotion, his was an electric performance perfectly executed…I was welded to my chair, dead sexy!

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Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis having sex in Black Swan.


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The scene in Star Wars Episode IV when Luke storms into the prison cell to rescue Leia and pulls the storm trooper helmet off of his head. Which I cannot seem to find. His awesome blonde hair just cascades beautifully around his face. My crush on Mark Hamill started then : )

And this scene

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Daniel Craig walking out of the sea in Casino Royale.

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@Hawaii_Jake Did you see Daniel Craig in The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo? I loved that movie, and him in it. The original Swedish version of the movie is also really good, but I thought the cold scenery looked more cold and realistic in the British version, than the more urban-looking (not a lot of snow) Swedish version, but the acting and the story were both tremendous in both versions.

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@Kardamom I missed that movie, and I will have to look for it.

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@Hawaii_Jake Incidentally, in a later scene where he seduces her into spurting out some info, I detested the fact that it wasn’t a porn movie. She was hot and was so revved up and he abandoned her! Well, I was revved up….

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@Hawaii_Jake I think you will love it! And check out both versions, because they’re both great.

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@mazingerz88 I was revved up that whole movie. :-P

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@Hawaii_Jake I imagine if you were that prey he was chasing in the opening scene, you wouldn’t give him so much of a hard time. Hee hee…

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Ellen Barkin in Siesta and Sea of Love.

There was something else she was in during that era and I can’t find it. Siesta was confronting but she is beautiful and memorable.

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@Bellatrix Definately Ellen in Sea of Love. Wow!!!!

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Hm, Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise when we get that brief, but delicious ass shot. Brad in that movie…hot damn.

I also feel this way about Gale Harold in just about anything.


Chris Hemsworth in his Thor shirtless scene, or in the entire Snow White and the Huntsman movie.

Gerard Butler during the nude scene in Law Abiding Citizen.

Will Smith doing pull-ups in I am Legend.

Jennifer Aniston at any time.

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The incredibly beautiful Claire Forlani in the underrated “Meet Joe Black” (1998) when she seduces Death (the almost equally beautiful young Brad Pitt), and 10 years later, older but even more beautiful, in every scene of “Flashbacks of a Fool.”

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Ingred Bergman is completely doable here

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Margorie Main as Ma Kettle in This Scene !!!

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Anjelina Jolie in Gia during the photoshoot where she is topless behind a fence.

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