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Is there a way to block PMs from certain users?

Asked by bossob (5904points) January 15th, 2013

I haven’t talked about religion in my posts, and I don’t wish to receive proselytizing messages, like I did today. What can I do about it?

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Tell the sender that you decline discussion and to cease and desist in their messaging. If this doesn’t work contact a moderator. You can also simply delete the unwanted message and forget about it if they are infrequent.

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Your best bet is to file a complaint with the moderators, who will investigate and intercede on your behalf if warranted.

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Simply put, no. You can’t block users.

In the alternative, you can do as the two above suggested.

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@bossob OMG, seriously? It was about politics and I was trying to explain my pov for communication sakes from the other Q. All you had to say is I don’t want to talk about it, ask anyone.

Also, I specifically said “I don’t force my religion down anyone’s throat”

See people, this is the long way around a very short subject. Geesh.

@wundayatta Have I ever forced anyone to PM me or harassed you personally via PM?

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@KNOWITALL Bully. Quit picking on others.:)

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@bossob, as has been suggested, contact the moderators and it will be investigated.

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Look, I’m sorry, okay? I only wanted to know if you scream “Oh God!” in bed. I wasn’t proselytizing. Sheesh! :D

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@WillWorkForChocolate I scream Oh God in bed. But you know that already.

There’s no feature that lets you actively block PM’s from a user, although as already said, if they’re doing something against the rules via PM’s, ask the mods. Otherwise, I guess you just gotta deal with it. :/

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@Adirondackwannabe I know, right?! If it was more than ONCE I would have understood.

@WillWorkForChocolate You’re so stinkin funny!!

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@KNOWITALL Well, thank you, m’dear!

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I do find it odd that we can’t just block a user altogether. Most sites allow for this. That would mean they could not see your posts or your questions or message you.

Like I need more holes in my head.

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@Shippy I’d agree with blocking messages from a user, maybe even questions, but blocking posts wouldn’t work IMO. As much as I may dislike certain people at times, it would totally throw the whole thread off if suddenly one users posts are all removed and all you see is a bunch of @uberbatman responses but ya got no clue wtf I said in the first place. I think it’d get a bit annoying.

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@KNOWITALL I don’t know if you ever forced anyone to PM you. But I do know that you say you are handy with a gun.

As to harassing me via pm? Well, there was that one time you forced me to strip naked and pee my name in the snow, but other than that….. ;-)

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@wundayatta Was that at gun point or online? lol, funny guy.

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How quickly they forget.


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’‘sips beer’’ Yeeep.

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@bossob If you ever find a way to block people let me know. That dang Augustlan is constantly all up in my face.

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<Gets ALL up in FM’s face>

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@FutureMemory I asked because other software has the ability to block PMs from specific users. Unfortunately, you couldn’t block mods. You’re stuck with her for forever!

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like crazy glue

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Apparently she’s got your number. Maybe a user name change is in order?

Scratch that; she’d probably sniff ya out in 2 posts!

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Yall insane up in da membrane.

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