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Using new iPhone with current plan?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) June 9th, 2008

Alright, I’m not really sure about all this subsidized crap for cell phones. Here is my issue.

I have the current iPhone (8GB, bought it first day) and will have it for a full year June 29th. Now, come July 11th, will I be able to buy the new iPhone and just pop my current sim in it? (used to have verizon before the iPhone)

I don’t mind paying a full price for the phone if I can use it on my current plan. How does it work?

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You’ll have to sign a new 2-year contract. The upside is that you’ll be getting out of your current contract with no penalty. The downside is that you’ll be paying an additional $10/month for an unlimited 3G data plan (basically the same plan as you have now with a $10/month increase for 3G). That is unless you decide to upsize/downsize, since you’ll be able to choose from a wider variety of plans in whatever combinations that AT&T offers for all of their smartphones.

The other news I’ve heard is that you have to may have to activate it at an AT&T store (not via iTunes). That may only be for phones purchased at an AT&T store, but I’m not sure.

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I don’t know what to believe regarding the activation, some say it’s in store only some say iTunes. Though if it’s only in store, Apple screwed something up this time around.

After a bit of reading, I discovered, yes it will override your old contract, and you’ve got 2 more years. I don’t mind paying $10 for 3G.

Right about now, I have the $59.99 plan with unlimited texting which comes to around $80+ a month.

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Gizmodo is saying you will only be able to buy them IN store only, and will not be able to activate elsewhere (until you start seeing used ones on ebay).

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Wait, so the 3G will cost $30/month for unlimited data and text?

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I believe that’s right, yes. $10 more than the current EDGE plan.

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