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How selling on Amazon works?

Asked by MarcelinaKitzmiller (7points) January 16th, 2013

can anyone tell me how amazon manage everything.

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Here’s the book One-Click.
Basically it was making the customer want to buy because it was easy.

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@MarcelinaKitzmiller Do you mean how Amazon sells books to us, or how we can sell books through Amazon?

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@MarcelinaKitzmiller, welcome to Fluther.
I’ve been selling books on Amazon for years. You create an account, then post a listing with all the details of the book (or whatever else you are selling). Your item will appear when people search for it, based on details and what your seller ranking is. Amazon allows the purchaser to choose what kind of shipping they want, and then you will receive an email notification of the purchase. You have a certain amount of time to send the item to the seller, based on what kind of shipping they selected. Amazon provides a packing slip, which you must print and include in your package. Once you have shipped the package, you must go to your Seller Account and notify the purchaser that you have sent their item. Then, Amazon will disburse to your bank account (which you must link to your Amazon account) the amount of money that you receive from the purchase (usually, plus a shipping credit, but minus Amazon fees. This is how they make money.)

Hope this makes sense and is helpful.

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