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My friend signs off his emails with Uu. What does that mean?

Asked by squirbel (4179points) January 16th, 2013 from iPhone

Just like that. “Uu”. What does it mean? I know it’s not the emoticon – so what else could it be?

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Is it an emoticon for a wink? I can’t guess what Uu might stand for. Can’t you just ask your friend?

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If the friend is a Unitarian, then Unitarian Universalist.

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^^ That’s what I was thinking.

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If the two Us have a . in between them for a nose (U.U) It means they have closed their eyes and gone to sleep according to my teenager. I see that they don’t in your case though. Have you considered just asking them?

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@diavolobella: @squirbel might be afraid the friend who signs off
that way is making a pass at her in a shy but kinky way. Let’s wait and find out what she finds out.

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I still think that it could be an emoticon. Emoticons evolve, and just as there is txt-speak, there are probably txt-emoticons.

U.U (original)
UU (remove nose, since they are often optional)
Uu (not pressing shift for a second time)

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This friend is not the type to use emoticons. I still don’t know.

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