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What are some interesting topics I can consider for a contemporary, local, or global gender issue research paper?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) January 16th, 2013

I am a second year Psych major who loves deconstructing and questioning all types of feminist/human rights issues and norms. For my Gender, Body, and Sexuality class (third year) I have to write a formal research paper. I must focus on the sociological dimensions of whatever issue I choose. This is not due until the end of March but I’d like to hear some dynamic and “hot” issues that I can research and write about. Some broad topics I am interested in are: sex-gender distinction/embodied gender, power, transgender issues, the virgin-whore dichotomy, body policing, fat shaming, abortion, rape culture, slut shaming, violence against minorities. Obviously you can’t help me with the local aspect. But if I could describe the most relevant feminist issue in my city it would probably be the systematic violence/disappearances/discrimination against Native peoples. Thanks!

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Gang Rape in India.

Honor killings in Pakistan and/or Afghanistan.

Rape as a weapon of war in Africa.

The burden of AIDS Prevention placed on Women in Central and South Africa.

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Why are radical Islamic men so afraid of women?

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If you’re American, the Violence Against Women Act. This is the first year in 18 years that it has not been renewed, because some politicians objected to its expansion to protect gay people, illegal immigrants, and Indians in reservations.

The removal of “Gender Identity Disorder” from the DSM-V and what real impact this will have on transsexual and transgendered people seeking medical and psychological treatment.

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All the things you mention are relevant and important. Recently, I’ve been writing about the state of feminism, in general so maybe you can focus on what’s been happening with Indigenous populations in you area and why Indigenous women are at a higher risk for violence, rape then any other race and what that’s got to do with settler colonialism, etc.

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There were recent threads on several of the topics mentioned—in particular, the Indian rape situation. You might want to read through that to get an idea of how jellies thing about it. But you should also search through the topics here on Fluther. Be patient. The search interface is really bad and it takes a while to find what you want, but if you keep at it, you will find some good information.

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This may not be highly relevant, but I came across this website a couple of days ago called The Hawkeye Initiative dealing with gender. And it’s quite hilarious.

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@bookish1. Thanks for the idea about Gender Identity Disorder and the DSM-V! If I can find enough scholarly resources, maybe I’ll choose that as my topic.

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