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Any compensation to old Iphone users?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) June 9th, 2008

So I got n Iphone for Christmas from my parents and I love it. But now just a short half a year later the 3G is right on our heels. When the first price cut came Apple refunded everyone who bought an Iphone previously. Will we get to see that again? The 3G sounds wesome, and I would get it for the GPS alone, but at the time with gas prices so high and me going to college in a few months I cant afford any out of control spending. I only have 1.5K to my name and this would be a sizable sum to be taken out.

Also, will AT&T be offering upgrades like normal phones when the 2 years are up?

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Here’s my thinking: They didn’t offer upgrades for iPods so why would they for iPhones?
They want to make as much money as possible (which, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why they go through so may upgrades).
I may be very, very wrong so I think we should see what other people are going to say..

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The 8Gig one is 199$ now. That is about three months of service. In short. Don’t expect a rebate.

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No I don’t think Steve will or should give a refund.

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@ EnzoX24 ~ before you get too far on this 3G brainstorm, have you checked 3G availability in your area? For example, where I live, the nearest coverage is in another state and 1.5 hrs away. Within MD, the nearest coverage is on the east coast in the Baltimore area.

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Folks who bought the first gen iPhone after May 27, 2008, will be able to exchange for a 3G free of charge. Beyond that, I’d say SOL. I’d say keep what you got if you’re happy with it. A new contract with the same features will cost you $10 more per month because they’re upping the charge for 3G data. That’s less gas money than it used to be, but it’s something.

I’m like you, though. If the external speaker is louder (allowing for a louder ringtone) that would be reason enough for me to upgrade, but likely I’m going to hang on to my first gen until next year and then decide.

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Damn Kevbo beat me to the punch

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I should add that they said the maximum price will be $199. I wouldn’t be surprised to see AT&T commercials in the next month that say, “Get an iPhone for 29$ with a two year contract.”

It sounds like they are going to push the iPhone really hard. AT&T could give them away for your 80$ per month fees for the next two years.

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I love punch.

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Oh who doesn’t in this day and age…

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I’m just a tad bummed that the iPhone users get app store for free, but I (iPod Touch) have to pay $10, on top of the 20 I paid for mail, etc…

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@ Breefield

You’re also not paying $80 in service charges. If I’m correct, it’s illegal for Apple to give it away for free.

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hmmmm, good call…but still annoying.
Then again, Steve always talks about how ”$10 is as low as we can go.” I doubt he doesn’t want to give it to us for free :)

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You expect compensation for having had the coolest product on the market for the last six months?

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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oh but I’m under 18 month contract if I get a new one do I get 2 contracts?

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I think this is a different case than the iPhone 1.0 price drop. This is a hardware upgrade, and Macbook owners who bought a first gen (like myself) weren’t compensated when 802.11N and faster processors were added to the second gen, because they’re additional features – not an identical product for a reduced price months later…

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The reason that they cant give away the upgrade for free is that it is literally illegal as crunchaweezy said. it is illegal for a company to give a “significant” upgrade to customers for free

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it’s just like buying any other electronics….computers, game consoles, etc. there’s always a chance that there’s gonna be something better around the bend, so you are always taking a risk buying them. why should Apple forgo making money just because you couldn’t wait to get an iPhone? welcome to the world of electronics. at least they made it less expensive, right?

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I heard that if you upgrade you won’t have to start a new 2 year contract. You just continue with your old one. We’ll see.

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@heyu, if that was true i would be ecstatic right now

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I read that too today, but can’t seem to find where!

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there was a rumor about it on macrumors forums but it seems to have been debunked
it is here

1G iPhone Users Keep Plan!!

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In the year since I bought my first iPhone, AAPL has gained roughly 50% in value. If I’d spent that original US$599 on Apple stock instead, I’d be able to buy a new iPhone 3G and have about US$599 in assets to my name. Oh well.

- from Investing Strategies for iPhone Customers

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