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Do specific topic tagged questions get e-mailed to users?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 18th, 2013

I noticed under certain topics, like food for instance, I tend to see certain users only answering those types of questions. Are they just scrolling through their selected topics? Do they get e-mailed when a certain tag is in the topics list?

Just wondering :D

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No. They do end up in the “Questions for You” section if you have linked to a topic (I think!). Nobody gets specific questions sent to them unless a member chooses to share that question. I sometimes share questions I notice that I know are right up a specific member’s alley.

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@pleiades (Why have you not responded to the thoughtful answers to your very important question about cutting?)

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No. I never even look at the “Questions for You” category, because they are basically just Q’s taken from Social, General and Meta. I go under each of those categories separately until I find something I am interested in. If I only went under Q’s for you, I might miss something that I do want to respond to.

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They don’t get emailed to you but they are more likely to show up in your “Questions for you” feed if they are topics you’ve added to your profile or are topics you frequently answer on.

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