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Has anyone used Apple's SDK to create applications for iPhone?

Asked by Dog (25046points) June 9th, 2008

Watching the demos it looks more user friendly than other coding programs. If you have used it what was your experience? Do you think a person who is not an expert could create applications using it?

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I have written a few apps. They were very basic and I would never release them to the public. I’m not that confident.

If you have experience with Xcode and Objective C you should go for it. If you don’t know what those two things are you should expect a rather steep learning curve.

And everyone starts somewhere. Give it a whirl. The only thing you lose is some time.

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I have made a few widgets with it, I suppse it must be pritty good because I have no training in coding and I can make some ok stuff. Still it gets so anoying when I don’t know how to do somthing.

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I used the WebDev dashcode IDE. The iPhone distribution is nice, but a good web app would target all web-enabled devices. I don’t like the Dashcode interface… yet. iUi is probably a better toolkit for building an interface. Put it on a Rails/Django web app, and you could build an app that runs on any platform.

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